Parasols of joy…

There are little glimpses of joy

hidden under parasols

that can be heard in the dripping of ice cream

and the breaking of waves

sun beams adorning people like halos

whilst time moves steadily forward

though it seems to stand still

as heat is slowing the pace of the Earth

By Maria Montgomery 


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A sentimental love poem…

I love how the heat of the desert sun
Makes you shimmer
Steam rising from your body
The intensity of your all seeing eyes
I love how the moonlight
Casts its cool light over you
How your curves seem like glittering silhouettes
In the night
I love the feeling of you at night
The way you speak to me
The way you make me feel at home
You are the greatest comfort
In you I see myself
In myself I see you
To know that exists
Is like a lullaby for the soul
A sweet whisper in the morning
Promising me
I belong
And when I look at you
I see beauty
The beauty of a soul that set my heart on fire
You speak to me
Like no one else has
It’s like you read me
Heart to heart
Eye to eye
And when I see you
I know that I am home
There is no other place I’d rather wake up in
You are my City of Angels
You are my home

By Maria Montgomery


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When a door is closed, a window is opened…

Something I realised last week is that disappointment always stings like hell. And at first it’s easy to get angry, sad, frustrated, or heartbroken (depending on the situation). We’re seemingly wired to want quick solutions.

Like last week someone told me they couldn’t do some of my financial projections any longer due to some other client needing their time. They’d said yes to doing them two weeks earlier and I needed them asap. I got angry, because I’d slaved to get the numbers ready so I could get someone to edit them and spruce it up a bit as soon as possible. And there I was two weeks later with nothing. I knew I had to start all over again with finding someone new for the numbers and receiving them that week was no longer going to happen. Likewise, I spoke to someone about being the COO for flipping three months and it didn’t work out. Did I feel like I’d had my time wasted? You have no idea.

I was really frustrated last week because the sooner I have the numbers, the sooner I can do various things and I soon leave for the US and have meetings I wanted to get done before leaving. I had perceived pressure.

So my first impulse was anger fueled by disappointment.

Of course I realized straight away that anger was futile. I thought I might as well just crack on with finding someone new. I might end up with someone better. And I did find someone, of course. If they’re better I don’t know. What I do know is that business is about playing the cards you’re dealt. Business is filled with obstacles. All the time. The fun is partly finding solutions. I like that game, but when I really count on something to happen and I believe I will get a pay off from it, I too get frustrated. And right now I have pretty much my whole life invested in my business.

Life is ever changing. We want the guy, the job, the investment, the whatever to work out. We want it so that our dreams come true. So that we can live the life we dream of. But these things often take turns we never could have predicted. As a result we either enjoy the journey moving forward, or we get stuck in not so pleasant emotions surrounding events we perceive as negative in the current moment. And it’s not always that it’s something like one event, sometimes we are seemingly surrounded by things that don’t seem so nice. You need to learn to see that from a perspective too. If there is one thing working in a township and helping with the twins have taught me it’s that. If I’d allow myself to get caught up in what’s happening around me I’d be suffering constantly. I fell for that trap last year and have spent the past six months trying to see what I give, not what I can’t change.

It’s a real art to be able to move forward happily at all times. Especially when you feel pressure around something. But no matter how real that pressure is, there’s always something beyond it. You might lose your job because someone else fucked up. You might lose an investment. You might lose a guy because you screwed up. You might lose a lot of things. But there is something beyond that. Maybe something better. Maybe some struggle before you reach that something better. We don’t know. I’ve heard a lot of people say “there’s a meaning with it” when they fuck up their life in the same way they’ve been fucking it up for the past twenty years, living out the same patterns. We need to stop and evaluate. Sometimes we have to make changes. We also need to stop weaving negative meaning into things though. Bad things are not necessarily as bad as they seem. Tomorrow you might score platinum after losing gold today. It’s just you don’t feel that yet. So you’re not happy yet.

Something I learnt in my teens when some law was changed and I was refused entry to the high school program I wanted because of it, is that when a door closes a window is opened. I chose a different program. The laws were then changed again, but I stuck with the International Baccalaureate. And today I live the international life I chose back then. I loved the IB. They had way too little arts in my school, but it was the first time I felt I was in a place were I belonged. Amongst the international ones.

So remember, even when you lose what you hold dearest, there will be a tomorrow. Just like there was a yesterday when you hadn’t even met what you came to hold dearest. Love in all shapes and forms (jobs, people, situations) is everywhere. If you only open your window to it.


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Autumn chills…

Autumn Thoughts

Cold night air
The scent of burning wood in the air
Crispness and a bite to the chill
The moon casting its glow
Amongst sheets of fog
Onto the misty darkness of the grass and the trees
You feel funnily awakened
By the dark night
And sigh at its beauty
And the feeling of life

My Hidden Africa; in Plain Sight

Yesterday I spoke to someone
Someone who’s been arrested for murder three times
He was playing with a little girl
Just another day
In Africa

By: Maria Montgomery


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You + me…

People are the most important thing that happen to you. At least 99% of the time.

Give of yourself 100% to the people around you; to the good, the bad, the ugly and the super fantastic. Never waste yourself though. To give your gratitude, your kindness, your awesomeness, your humor and your hugs – that stuff’s for free. To get caught up in wanting something from someone and therefore always being there on call for them…that shit costs.

Do not zero in on the one person. Give to everyone. And so you shall be given plenty in return.

This morning I’m flipping grateful for all the wonderfully amazing people I know all over the world. I’ve said it before, but they’re the best life insurance you could ever have. They will do your marketing, they will look after you when you’re sick, they’ll celebrate your successes with you and they will pull you out of the holes you dig yourself into. They’re that cool.

And they will definitively add red wine and chocolate fueled conversations to your life. Giggles. Hugs. Heartwarming heart-to-heart chats. Creative adventures (if you, like me, happen to be creatively inclined). Travel stories (because you journey together). And outrageous laughter when you remember the memories you created together (because you were that crazy).

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Certified best friends, world travelers, creative maniacs, artistic expressionists and country bumpkins. Since like forever. You can check out my BFF’s blog here: 

Disclaimer: I will personally persecute you if you use these images for anything other than Pinterest. If you try pulling off  that either myself or my best friend are a representation of your products or dating profile, I will find you. And pour ice water in your bed. Every morning. Guaranteed.

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The movie in my mind…

Have you ever had a dream, or an idea? And slowly worked to make it a reality?

As an entrepreneur and filmmaker I have plenty. There are scripts that have lived inside my mind for years. Ever so often I have an idea for a new scene. I just lack the time to sit down and write all my ideas down. It makes me mad sometimes. I just want some time you know. To get all those scripts on paper. Of course I write on them sometimes, but with regular work, being on the board of two charities and launching a business, there just isn’t much time. On top of which I help with the kids. When Magique is up and running there will be some time. Till then I continue to see random scenes inside my head at any random time.

Truth be told though, even with time to work on my scripts it wouldn’t stop. Because new ideas come to me constantly. I have stories living inside of me.

Today it hit me how weird it is looking at the progress of Magique sometimes – I’ve spent thousands of hours on an idea. I’ve developed a brand, products and strategies for something which isn’t tangible yet, save the brand and the website. To me each step; each brand and marketing presentation I put together, each strategy, each calculation, each element that ends up on a piece of paper is amazing, as I see the company coming alive. At the same time I find it peculiar how I can have spent so long with an idea inside of me which I have developed endlessly, without it being an actuality. And whilst I know we’re launching some products I don’t know if we will get the money to launch it the way I envision, or if it will take off the way I envision. In which case I’ve spent an incredible amount of time building up a world that will never be experienced by most people. It’s really quite bizarre.

Then again, Magique is my world. And the world I will always live with.

Of course I also love the process of both putting together companies and movies. It’s my passion. And I learn from each project. But still, it’s kind of mind-boggling isn’t it? To have this vision and try to bring it alive, not knowing if you’ll succeed, no matter how much you believe in it. But until you do, you are trapped by a reality you aren’t enjoying. For me my dream was always to do what I love and do plenty of it. I’m a workaholic by nature, because to me that’s living. Movies and companies. Projects. Art. Creating. And unless I’m free to create I feel trapped. So every day I do what I can to reach freedom.


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When you believe in someone you give them power. You give them power, because they will believe in themselves. And that belief will fuel them to create whatever it is they seek to create. More than anything it may help them realize that they are OK as they are in this very moment.

Believing in someone does not mean that you agree with everything they say. It does not mean you can’t tell them that they may have to rethink a thing or two. It simply means you believe they have the power to blossom. They have the power to be who they truly wish to be. They have the power to be great.

The truth is we all have that power. Often we become so blinded early on by what others label as our imperfections though that we don’t see our own power. We don’t feel it. As a result we are drained of energy and achieve very little, which proves to us we have no power.

Believing in ourselves is not thinking we will win every fight. We won’t. At least not immediately. But we know we will always be OK. Because we have ourselves. And we are OK. As we are. And we have an unlimited amount of power within ourselves that we can use to get resourceful.


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