Cooking by candlelight…

Our kitchen light bulbs died on us and we hadn’t managed to replace them yet last week when I decided to bake pancakes. So I entered the kitchen, having forgotten about the lamps, realized it and immediately part of me wanted to scream out loud. I was hungry, I was tired and I wanted to bake those pancakes asafuckingp. So I sighed. Then I gathered the salt candle holders and lit a few candles. Suddenly the kitchen looked magical. It was glowing in a dark orangy light from the salt candles. And you know how everything slows down when it’s dark? How it becomes cozy and a bit sleepy? Suddenly you are in the moment instead of all over the place? That’s what happened. It was beautiful and I smiled. It reminded me of when we had to cook the turkey on the BBQ for Christmas as there was a power cut. Then too the whole house was filled with candle-lights and that down to earth feeling. Then too it was magical.

This was yet another reminder to me of how easy it is to forget to make things magical.

I chose to become a filmmaker and an entrepreneur because I wanted to show people the magic in life – what’s there in any given moment if you just choose to open your eyes to it: There are always sunsets and sunrises, hot chocolate and love letters, moon light and bubble baths, sun-ripened pears and raspberry smoothies, sex and chocolate, leather-bound books and fireplaces….as long as you live there’s life and you can choose to make your life an indulgent, luxurious one, or a dull one. You can run through life or live it. You can go through life or play with life. You can indulge in life or deprive yourself from life.

When I watched Stardust I was struck by two things – the beautiful scene where they drink champagne by a dead tree in which they have lit tons of candles and the amazingly wonderful castle. Similarly, I was struck by Hogwarts when watching the Harry Potter movies. I felt extremely deprived never having studied at a school like that. Why did I go to some boring school, when I could have been at some amazing castle somewhere? Why do humans spend millions on making movie sets look good and hours watching films like these, dreaming about being part of that world, when we don’t even light candles at night? When we don’t decorate like we want? When we don’t eat like we want? Dress like we want? It seems we drool over things in the movies, but we never care to make them a reality, or do we?

We look on the big screen and we see palaces. We look in the magazines and we see palaces. We look in our homes and we see how much we could be bothered.

Shouldn’t life be an indulgence? There are many necessities in life and the more pleasurable you can make them, the better, or so I think. It’s so much nicer to live in a castle than an ugly flat. So make it a castle (if at loss, watch In America, might not be your style, but it sure as hell gives you ideas of what is possible). If you have ever watched Chocolat, you know what I mean with adding some chili to your chocolate… When was the last time you cooked a gourmet meal? Had an amazing breakfast in bed? Made someone a present just because you felt like it? Went on a crazy adventure?

This morning I rolled out of bed so as to do yoga…I could have done yoga in the living room…I could have done yoga in the living room with candle lights…or I could have done what I did, which was to go to the park (read: paradise…palm trees, flowers, mountains, cacti, humming birds…the list goes on…). There’s always options!

If you have to do it, do it well. If you have to do it, do it sexy. If you have to do it, do it mind-blowingly extraordinary! Add the sass, the zest, the passion, the luxury, the colors, the indulgence, the “oumpf” factor… Have fun with it. Play with it!!!

Shit happens, but at least we have a few choices here on this planet and one is how we live.

I know all the excuses. No time. No money. No inspiration. No ideas. No knowledge (and no bloody time, or energy, to acquire it either). Here’s the catch: we might only live once. And even if we live a hundred times, why not enjoy the now? Most people put things off till the morrow. What would change if you only had a year to live? I have come to realize that urgency is key. Without it, I at least, don’t move. I need deadlines. Bets. Challenges.

So set yourself a challenge if you like: how can I indulge more in my life right now?

The view whilst doing yoga…

Someone enjoyed checking out our practice…




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