Romantic fools…

I just have to share with you two quotes that I found the other day: “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” – Dr. Seuss Isn’t it just brilliant?!! I mean we can fall in love with a person, an idea, a pursuit…but whatever it is, it’s something that rings so true to who we are that the journey we then undertake makes us so happy we wake up before the alarm clock goes off just to be able to spend some more time on that journey.

For me the most difficult journey has been to fall in love with me. To jump out of bed to look after me. Not an idea, not a friend, not a lover, not my family, but me. Without that love, everything else falls apart. That’s why my new motto in life is “spoil thyself.” Then no matter what happens, you know you have, at least, taken care of you and made the most of your day.

I think the coolest journey to undertake is to find common goals with someone, whether in business or in life (or both) and pursue them together. That way there is always two forces working together and from those two another force is born. Ideas you would never had on your own appear (I think the only way to get ideas is through reactions to other people and things, I mean after all, that’s what chemistry teaches us, right?). Plus you always have two perspectives (read: someone who stops you from falling into the same pit you have always fallen into because you are blind to it) and you have someone to share your tears and your laughter with. To me this is invaluable. I’m lucky me and my best friend set our goals together at seventeen. And I mean the fact that she made me chocolate covered strawberries yesterday just makes that journey that much better, ne c’est pas?

As I see it, the more great people I have on my journey that I’m in love with, the greater it gets (and the more great minds to help me with my life and giving me a chance to feel fulfillment by helping them).

As we all know I’m a hopeless romantic…which brings me to the next quote: “There is a fine line between dreams and reality, it’s up to you to draw it.” – B. Quilliam I always thought dreams become reality so I always set out to achieve the things others perceived impossible (thinking it was just a great romantic adventure – bring on the trumpets and magical flutes…). It constantly gets me in trouble and I constantly forget that others don’t always think like that. I just see a glorious goal (dream) and I decide to figure out how to make it work – I forget to ask if everyone else involved are prepared to do that too… It might be a streak common to Entrepreneurs? (But it usually gets me in more trouble in my love life than in my biz life…) Anyway, I think this is a wonderful concept, because it really is up to you to draw the line. You might have more obstacles the closer to your dreams that you draw the line, but that’s what brings the adventure, the thrill…and the satisfaction in living life to the full. So long as you live for the journey and not the goal, this is fabulous.

I hope that one day this world will be filled with romantic fools that live their dreams and takes time to add a sparkle to any day by making chocolate strawberries for others (or calling them just to say they love them, writing poems, sending letters, leaving cute notes, making gifts, baking cakes, sending txts…or lighting candle lights for themselves, taking bubble baths, jumping through leaf heaps…)…who said luxury has to be expensive or romance hard to find?

Homemade candles, marshmallows and chocolate strawberries…


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