There is something magical about Easter – it’s the reawakening of everything. Spring has arrived and buds are coming out of the ground. As the sun gently strokes one’s hair once again it is like being reborn.

According to pagan legend Easter is the celebration of the goddess of dawn and fertility. According to Christianity it is the resurrection of Christ. Whatever religion floats your boat I think Easter is the perfect excuse to clean out the old and let in the sunshine.

To me the dawning of each day has always been magical – you know the feeling of awakening? How it starts to itch in a finger or a toe to move. How the sun draws you up and out of bed, making you curious of what the new day holds in its arms. And how small sounds start to emerge from everywhere, smells of freshly brewed tea or coffee, bread baking in someone’s oven… Slowly people go back to life and decide how to live that day and the energy that comes with that is magic.

I think rituals are important – without them we sometimes forget to do that which matters to us the most. In Christmas time we spread joy, during Valentine’s love, during Thanksgiving thanks… Sometimes holidays have negative associations to people because they are filled with memories of not so happy ones (and heaven knows how many single Valentines…), but if we go back to what they are truly about, they are wonderful. Who would not like to spread joy, give thanks, send love or be resurrected by life? You just have to make sure you do it on your terms. Create your own rituals that mean something to you.

Yesterday I was running around like a headless chicken trying to figure out how to go about the product development stage for my business, homework, this blog, dance classes, yoga, an upcoming trip to Europe (and squeezing in seeing some friends over here before then) and an internship. I was freaking out. Then all of a sudden it hit me how wonderful all these things are and I started laughing out loud. All these things have been dreams of mine and there they were – staring me all in the face. Real. Happening. I’m going to Uni in the States, I’m setting up a biz, I’ve been given an internship, I have a blog where I get to share what I think and feel, I am exercising in ways I love, I have wonderful friends and I am going on a trip to Europe to see friends and family. And I was just stressed – I was stressed that something might go wrong and the biz would after all not happen (after two years of roller coaster rides I take nothing for granted). I was stressed there wasn’t enough time. I was stressed about just about everything. As I sat there laughing at myself I decided as dawn came I was just gonna get on with them and enjoy them. None of them might lead to where I want them to lead, but in this moment I love the tasks at hand and I will deal with them, one at a time in an organized, unstressful way. I will have fun. I mean I have just been blessed with the life of my dreams. What more could one ask for? (A really big Easter egg with a really nice guy inside of it, thank you ;))

For me this Easter is about cleaning out stress. About living in the moment. About learning to do instead of fret. And about learning to let go – I cannot protect my heart from heartaches to come, but I can embrace whatever each moment holds and live life within it to the full.

Happy Easter – may it bring you a great new dawn!!!

A new dawn…whereto will you go???


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