Who’s on your walk of fame?..

When living in LA, sooner or later, you will meet someone who, during a conversation, slightly lowers their voice and says “Actually, I know so and so.” So and so of course being one star, or another.

Network = Net Worth, is an old saying and I believe it is very true. However, if you have nothing to offer your network, you are unlikely to get any net worth from it. What’s more, I think that the part of your network that isn’t all that famous might very well be worth much more than the part that is.

Who do you value the most in your life? Is it the star whose phone number you have, or your partner in crime (…life that is)? Is it your high net worth business contact, or your business partner? Is it the hottie on the billboard, or the hottie in your bed?

Sometimes when people lower their voice and tell me of a star they know, I want to lower mine too and whisper: “That’s so nice. I have some cool contacts too. The most important one is standing right in front of you. Then I also know my best friend, my sister, my dad, my business partner and a whole bunch load of other people who totally rock my world and actually return my phone calls.” (And to that I would like to add, in a west coast accent and high-pitched voice: “Isn’t that like totally awesome? Like it’s just so cool – it’s beeeyoooond!!!”)

Get me right – if Richard Branson offered to coach me in business, or Scorsese offered to coach me in directing I’d potentially faint from excitement, because I have a lot of respect for them. It is very cool to be surrounded by people whom you respect, but if you respect someone on a billboard more than you respect your best friend, you might want to think again. After all, I hope that there’s a reason why you chose to surround yourself with the people you have in your life.

For sure I’d be happy if certain people I look up to became contacts of mine, but until the day they have looked after me as many times as the people in my life have now, until the day I trust them as much as I trust my current business contacts…well, they might be stars, but they aren’t stars in my life.

The same is very true when you have a crush on someone, or really want to be friends with someone who just don’t treat you very well, or simply have no interest in being around you. How many times have you obsessed about a man, or woman, who simply didn’t give a damn? Like seriously? I might break the world record… Those people aren’t stars in my life though, so instead of obsessing about them, why not focus on treating the real stars in my life to my full attention? What you focus on expand. Sort out the bad stuff, but focus on the good stuff.

Keep building your network, because the more trustworthy friends and business associates you have in your life that truly believe in you, the likelier you are of being looked after at all times and given opportunities that have been presented to them, so treat them for what they are: stars. (Oh, and if someone has Branson’s number, please pass it along. A date with Di Caprio would be much appreciated too…and one with Gerard Butler, please, whilst at it…lmfao.)



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3 responses to “Who’s on your walk of fame?..

  1. Some of the most interesting people I’ve known (like my brother) or met and have become friends with have turned out to be of more value to me than anyone I might idolize. Although I’d drop them all if Jennifer Aniston were to slip me her number. *laughing*

    Met Kiefer Sutherland though (we never networked). That was kind of interesting, and he proved to be just a normal guy. Someone you wouldn’t mind having a beer with.


  2. Hmmm, u should check out the photo shoot with Aniston and Butler in this month’s W..or you should not, and instead find the girl around the corner! LOL


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