Magical moments…

When was the last time you had a magical moment in your life? When was the last time it just happened? Like you went for a random drink with a friend and it turned out to be a magical night, or something else just happened to you? When was the last time you chose to create a magical moment? Like you made someone breakfast in bed, swept them off to a romantic weekend in the country/city or just led them blindfolded into a room where a surprise awaited?

I promised a few weeks back to post photos of the gifts myself and my best friend were going to give each other for Easter (under five bucks/quid). As it turned out we got caught up in things over Easter, but still kept our promise. I decided to buy her something to bring back from London instead. I knew she wanted to come with me, so I figured I’d bring back something truly London. What’s more London than creamed tea? I was on a budget, as was the deal, so I had to be creative. I was given a small jar of jam at Costa for free (she loves small jars), I filled one empty jar that I had with some of my raw honey, I brought her back some Pukka Tea and I bought her a Pashmina scarf in Covent Garden in her fav color that matches her eyes. Of course I also made her a card. Then I served it all as a breakfast surprise this morning. She was well pleased =)

What did she give me? A chicken egg cup, incense, incense holder and wooden cutlery to bring with me to stop wasting plastic when eating take-aways, all lovely presented in a bag =)

I truly believe life is meant to be lived to the full and I think that sometimes magic happens to you, but the more you aim at creating it, the more sure you can be of getting some. Of course, sometimes it doesn’t always go as planned – the hot dinner is slowly getting cold as the person you were trying to surprise did not show up – or worse: s/he showed up with a headache and sour outlook. However, there are things you can predict a bit better, i.e. you can check in advance.

Magic means different things at different times: Sometimes it’s just as simple as being present to someone: Look them in the eye and listen to every word they say, figure out who they are and give them your all in that moment. Sometimes it’s working out what would be the most perfect gift for someone, what that person would truly enjoy and give it to them. Sometimes it’s as easy (or hard) as a compliment. Sometimes it’s a hand written letter (I love them, feel free to write me =) Sometimes it’s to take a day off and do something spectacular, or really simple. Sometimes it’s to lock yourself up with a good book and chocolate. Sometimes it’s to hold someone. Sometimes it’s to do something for someone. And sometimes, sometimes it’s just a smile…

Tomorrow we are going for a picnic by the sea. You can bring a blanket and a take-away, or you can bring something a tad more original and fun. Life is your canvas and you are the painter.

If you’ve ever had a magical moment, or you have ideas for one, please share! =)

My gift for my friend – the scarf is underneath the food…

The inside of the card.

My friend’s gift for me =)

I did my best to bring back some of London…

Sometimes magic is a spring night…

…sometimes it’s a bunch of roses…

Yes, yes, yes!!!

Spring in London can be magical…



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11 responses to “Magical moments…

  1. Eric

    Wow 4,000 visitors in a short space of time! Congratulations!
    I think your blogs are magical ;o)
    You give a lot of people a lot of good directions in life!
    This time next year I can imagine you with a network of sites and your own weekly video uploads :o)
    Keep up the Grrreat work!


  2. Nandini

    Lovely. 🙂

    And so rightly said- moments just happen. It’s magical. Of course we work on them positively, but for sure heaven is watching! 🙂


  3. storiesfromthestove

    Here’s one I was thinking about yesterday:

    A number of years ago I had the good fortune to live near Gregory’s, a jazz bar on NYC’s Upper East Side. Two of Duke Ellington’s musicians, saxophonist Rusell Procope and drummer Sonny Greer, appeared there regularly. One night stands out as magical. A group of friends and I were enjoying a jazz trio, including Procope and Greer. Midway through their set they started playing Johnny Mercer’s “Autumn Leaves.” One of our friends began singing. We just stared, our jaws dropped. No one knew or could have predicted the ethereal quality of her voice. Instantly, I recognized the moment as one that would be with me forever. The song ended, and as it did, Greer, a cigarette dangling from his lips with an ash as long as his drum stick, croaked, “Ah, one more time, lady.” The band played on and our friend sang Autumn Leaves one more time.

    It was just one of those nights, just one of those fabulous flights.


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