Take a chance on me…

It’s late, so you have to bear with me…I’m regressing to being very Swedish and doing things like quoting ABBA. Terrible, I know, but I like it. I like being cheesy. It’s so liberating, don’t you think? To say the dumbest thing and actually mean it. Because that’s just why it is called dumb: so many people mean it that it has become part of the landscape. You should be quoting Shakespeare for love, or whatever, but really, sometimes three simple words are enough.

So as you can see I am digressing…due to tiredness….I feel like I’m floating on some cloud half way to dreamland right now. Back to ABBA: “Honey I’m still free take a chance on me.” Well, in life I guess we are all wanting to be taken chances on in one way or another: as friends, employees, teachers, lovers, politicians (well, I’m not sure if politicians want people to take a chance on them, or throw stones at them – they seem to have varied motives…)…you name it. We want people to take chances on us. To trust us. Maybe more than anything do we want to take a chance on ourselves. To trust that we have the capability to do whatever it is we want to do in this moment. Sadly we don’t always trust ourselves – we aren’t betting in our own favor. Result? We don’t take a chance and we stay where we are. Not moving. Not growing. Why? Because we are scared. We are scared that our potential failure will hurt us.

My friend had a discussion with a guy some time ago. It went a little something like this: “Listen, I’m a woman, you are a man. We are both afraid, but we are both here. We both survived all the other heartaches. Just like when we were children and thought the world was going to go under unless we got that toy, we now think the world will go under if we don’t get each other, but we both know that there comes a new day if we don’t. As kids we usually gave up on a toy if we didn’t get it and soon enough there would be a new toy to play with and the old one that we didn’t get didn’t matter anymore. As adults we have played with some people who we have lost, but we have survived losing them and we have found new playmates.”

If you don’t take chances you won’t grow. You won’t reach your goals. You will miss out on the adventure. Of course risks have to be calculated – you can’t throw your life on the smallest twig of a tree and expect it to hold your weight, but you gotta climb – you gotta check out which branches can hold you and take you higher. Sometimes it takes a while to find the next branch, the next step up, but if you aren’t looking for it, you just sit on the same branch forever. You will never feel the wind that’s blowing up there at the top, you will never see the view, or have the sensation of being on top of the world.

We have all taken chances that have led us backward instead of forward, but what’s wrong with that so long as we learn without beating ourselves up? So long as we live in the moment – fearlessly embracing whatever that is and whomever we are within it. There is no such thing as a real life insurance, but at least then we are ensuring that we are living life to the full and because we accept whatever is, there is no fear.

I don’t know about you, but I like crazy people. Those that dare a little bit more. Those that take chances.

And just for the record: I’m so tired I have no clue of what I just wrote, but I guess I’m taking a chance….oh cheesy…oh joy!!!



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3 responses to “Take a chance on me…

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  2. I love to think back over my earlier years, and reading this post had me truly deep in thought of the wonderful places I have been…..along with all the stupid and exciting things I have done.
    Some may say I should be dead for some of the chances I took, yet I will always say life is meant to be lived. Far too many people do not take a chance on life or themselves, and live such a mundane life, it is boring with sense of adventure at all .
    Learn to live and not just exist, it’s much more fun and gives you fulfillment in life. Thanks for the post, as it had me thinking just how wonderful this world is when you keep an open mind and look for the adventures out there.

    Hey…….Life Is Good……. try some today!!
    Allen Sentance Fisherman


    • =) It sounds like you have lived a fulfilling life so far. It’s lovely with people who dare to live – to embrace all that there is to life – really dig into it. Adventures, people…it’s a wonderful life if you dare to live it!!!


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