Long stretches of sand, twirling their way along the coast…the smell of the ocean, reflections of the sun dancing in the water, seagulls crying out to one another, sand between your toes, laughter… That pretty much sums up my day today.

Cali never seizes to amaze me with her beauty. Maybe because I was brought up in cold, rainy Sweden, living amongst palm trees = paradise. Maybe because I am back by the sea and not stuck in dark old London town. Maybe because I missed nature like crazy when I lived in Paris. I don’t know, but Cali is bloody marvelous.

As we sat by the beach in Malibu today my friends were talking about sex, as they tend to do when straying away from the meaning of life…then again, sex is the meaning of life, right?!! Procreation and all that… Anyway, they sounded something like this:

– Maybe he’ll be like vanilla…mmm…

– Nah, I think he’ll be more like sticky toffee…

– Wait, who are you talking about? The other guy? No, yuck, he’d be more like…moushy potatoes!

– We should be talking about how to move on with our career girls, or how to get one of those houses over there.

– In other words, we’d still be talking about shagging… Just kidding, just kidding…seriously we shou…hey, look at that surfer!

As for the rest of our day and conversations, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves…when was the last time you took some time out just to breathe? To truly enjoy Mother Nature???


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