Sins you cannot miss out on…

I have a confession to make…I stole this post….from Paulo Coelho…if you have to steal – steal from the people who know what they are doing. Since I have read The Alchemist about five times, I believe this man knows what he’s doing. I don’t agree with all his works and ideas, but most of them are profound. As I took a photo today of the seven sins, I thought this post suitable.

Needing to adapt to the new times, Satan decided to get rid of a whole lot of his stock of temptations. He placed an ad in the newspaper and attended his customers all day in his workshop.

It was a fantastic stock: stones for the virtuous to stumble over, mirrors for increasing one’s self-importance, and spectacles that reduced the importance of others. Some objects hanging on the wall drew a lot of attention: a dagger with a curved blade to be used on someone’s back, and tape-recorders that registered only gossip and lies.

– Don’t worry about the price! – shouted old Satan to the potential customers. – Take it home today and pay for it whenever you can!

One of the visitors noticed three tools lying in a corner that seemed to be quite worn and attracted little attention. But they were very expensive. Curious, he wanted to know the reason for that apparent discrepancy.

– They are worn because they are the ones that I use most of all – answered Satan with a laugh. – If they drew a lot of attention, people would know how to protect themselves.

– However, they are both worth the price I am asking for them: one is Doubt, the other is the Inferiority Complex, the third is Bitterness. All the other temptations can sometimes fail, but these three always work.

-Paulo Coelho

In The Alchemist the boy follows his dream, follows his heart. For years I have tried to achieve success. I followed my ideas, my dreams, if you so like, but I was set on success. My heart was in love with what I did, but my mind was always elsewhere: fretting, worrying, obsessing, feeling inferior. The day I gave up on success my life became successful, because I enjoyed what I had, not what I strove for. My focus was once again on what I was doing, what I love doing. I began to live without fear. I can’t say I do that 100% all of the time, but now at least I have a taster of what being fully alive truly means. Coelho has a point. When you let go of doubt, bitterness and inferiority, when you live instead of judge, when you follow your heart…the journey becomes blissful. Carpe Diem!

If you are gonna sin…make it a naughty one, not a deadly one!

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4 responses to “Sins you cannot miss out on…

  1. As we say in bluegrass, only steal from the best. Nice post.

    Dr. B


  2. I cannot believe that this can be true


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