Dizzy, dizzy blonde…

I have temporarily lost my mind. If you find it, please contact me. Till then, I’m not responsible. (So now I will do as many things as possible whilst being off the hook.) This was my facebook update the other day, because it was…well, quite frankly, the truth. I still have not found my mind. I think it eloped. Maybe to Vegas? If you have to elope, Vegas seems the place to go. Then again, not quite sure. I could think of more interesting places to lose my mind in, but I think whom to lose it with is more important in this scenario.

According to The Whatever Factor the definition of meantime is: “from now until something else happens.” I think that’s my life right now. Sarcasm makes my day, any day. Unless there’s love. That makes it too.

Have you ever been frustrated? Like you don’t understand something? And you need to figure it out, but you don’t know how? That’s usually my every day life. And usually I find answers. It’s just in the meantime it drives me nuts. I would like some distractions. All offers considered. If you have a six pack you are even more considered. Sarcastic jokes and love are also welcome contributions. Did I mention hugs? A psychic would be pretty useful too. Till such help arrives I think I need to go to the beach and jump in the waves. My fav hobby. I always fall over and I always laugh. My two fav times doing this were France and Hawaii, such sweet memories.

Another thing driving me nuts right now is my lack of a car and a proper camera – since I left my Nikon life hasn’t been the same. I had to break up with it though. It wasn’t digital. I can now see money falling down from the skies to grant my wishes. Extra tip appreciated.

I feel a few days of walking into lampposts, falling into hot tubs, knocking down furniture and saying stupid things coming up. I wasn’t named dizzy blonde for nothing.

“A little rebellion now and then is a good thing” – Thomas Jefferson I believe he’s right. I might rebel against my own insanity, if that makes any sense at all. Probably not.

As you notice: I have lost my mind. It is likely to return as it knows I love it. In the meantime I’ll scream from frustration keep myself busy with business (business = the art of staying busy and keeping your mind off other men topics).

Head this way…

…for a new show…


In the dictionary, usage examples of wench: “Quite often,” Grammer said, “I pretend to be one of the pirates, and she’s my wench.” Well, if I was Kiera Knightly and the pirate was Orlando Bloom, I think we could agree to the usage of that word. Otherwise we’ll stick with a wench being: “a young woman who serves food and drink.” And according to Mother Teresa: “There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread.” Now we all know what will be on the menu.

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6 responses to “Dizzy, dizzy blonde…

  1. Wenches – hahaha – great post!


  2. theharrodsgirl

    ha! don’t suppose you have men on the mind!


  3. Too much of my time is spent in frustration! I’m sending a hug your way!


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