I love you…

I love you because inside of you I see the seed of greatness. I love you for smiling at me. I love you for sharing a piece of you with me. I love you for your laughter. I love you because you can cry. I love you for looking at me. I love you for being vulnerable around me. I love you for not having fear of me. I love you for your eyes that look at the world in wonder. I love you because you strive for goodness. I love you because your hands create beauty. I love you because you are trying to survive. I love you because you dare to challenge. I love you for seeking out life. I love you because you smile at beauty. I love you for the words you speak. I love you because you have a heart. I love you for giving life a go. I love you because you are living. I love you for being human.

Inside every human is a human. If you are a genie, you manage to release the human in the human.

“it’s not necessary to try to become your true self. you can’t be anything else. it’s impossible to be other than what we truly are – and what we are changes moment to moment. but because our tendency to grasp is so strong, it may take us some time to learn to trust and relax into our unfixed nature. ego wants to be substantial and special, and it will try to possess each new realization and insight. when ego grasps at the gains we’ve made, we will suffer the consequences. most of us fall into this trap many times before finally seeing that grasping is futile and admitting to ourselves, ‘ah, maybe i really am zero, nothing special!’ when we make practice our life, we can expect to encounter many traps and sticking places. yet we can make this an honorable part of our practice by remaining watchful and letting go each time we become stuck. by returning to zero again and again, we gradually close the gap and actualize our unfathomable true nature.”
– Genpo Roshi, the path of the human being

It sounds so hippy-ish to say that we are the Universe, but it’s true and the only way for us to be truly free, is if everyone else is truly free as well. I believe in individual happiness, but every time I see an unhappy person I suffer. I suffer, because I know that the person was never set free.I suffer because I know what it feels like to be trapped. As long as I know there are trapped people in this world, how can I enjoy my life if I’m not doing my best to help others? Maybe one can’t help them unless they want to be helped, but one can pray for the human inside them. I know for sure that the people that have given me the most is the people that have believed in me and loved me because they knew, even on the bad days, there’s a human in me.

Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place. – Zora Neale Hurston

Beautiful beings…



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3 responses to “I love you…

  1. megawfa79

    From the posts I have read since discovering your blog, I can see that you would provoke great conversations with your writing. You have a loving, compassionate heart and your spirit knows no boundaries. Like all of us, we can be insecure and contemplate our worthiness in the eyes of others. But, you counter that with a Zen-like sensitivity towards the suffering of others. You are capable to boundless love, and to love is to care. Your first paragraph should be memorized by all who are in love and never tell their partner how they feel. If we cannot communicate these thoughts with those we love, then we don’t love completely.
    I have added you to my blogroll, and have given you props on my own blog. Your words should be read, your thoughts should live in our hearts.
    Thank you.


  2. megawfa79

    megawfa79.wordpress.com It’s “Scenes Inside a Middle-Aged Head”. I’m not sure if this is a duplicate, so you’ll have it twice.


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