Love letters…

Have you ever received one? I’ve gotten a few poems from different people, but never a love letter. I’ve received other letters though – my granddad is a master at writing long, interesting letters and I used to have a pen pal in Kenya for years. We wrote each other seven, or ten pages in a go and we’d send things like stickers, tapes with our favorite songs and so on. We exchanged so many things – I remember the joy of opening the letter box and finding the greatest treasure of all – the thoughts and feelings of another human being!

I dated this guy once. He was doing well economically and we went out one night to celebrate a mutual friend’s birthday. He spent about one third of the average American’s yearly salary that night. You can say that he was trying to impress me, but I believe he was trying to satisfy his own ego. My favorite ever present from him was not that night at a swanky nightclub, it was the comment “I thank God for Maria every day.” I don’t think he meant it, but at the time I believed him.

It’s so easy to send a text message saying “how u doin today?” It’s harder to come up with specific text messages with a bit more heart…parts of poems, private jokes, compliments, etc. It’s even harder, or at least more time consuming, to sit down and write a whole letter. A letter though, is so different – every word is hand written; it’s like the stamp of a person; part of their unique finger print if you so like. And letters can be filled with so much more than just text – you can send photos, little scraps of ideas you wrote on a napkin, a drawing, a dried flower, a lock of your hair… (My romantic streak is coming out – it’s getting late, I’m lying on a friend’s couch watching 007 and writing this – clearly I’m missing the Bond in my life…)

With old fashioned letters I guess there’s also the exciting bit of waiting for them – they don’t arrive in a second, it takes a few days. When you hold the envelope in your hand you can’t wait to open it, to see what’s inside of it. If it looks bulky, all the more reason to get excited! When someone think about you so much that they are prepared to sit down and write a hand-written letter, even fill it with other bits and bobs on certain occasions…it’s mind-blowing! I know this is old news, but it is important to remember that the most precious gifts come in the form of attention, thought, time, kindness, heart… Thoughtfulness is, to me, maybe the most precious gift of all – someone really taking the time to think about you…then again, looking into someone’s eyes might just beat it all.

Imagine a world where people really invested time and energy into one another, a world filled with people who wrote each other love letters……mmmm…… (scchyyyysss I know, I’m tired, I’m revealing my true self here…)



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5 responses to “Love letters…

  1. divine……….

    To explain love by example of coin, like coin has head, tail and thin edge.Desire is like coin head, hate is like coin tail, thin edge is love, where no desire, no hate.

    Love is your inner wealth, seed of which you bring in your closed hands to plant in this world to make it a tree of happiness………….

    bless you…


  2. megawfa79

    When I would spend the night with my ex-girlfriend, I would leave behind notes for her. I would leave them under her phone, on the bathroom mirror, in the pocket of her coat, and other little places. Sometimes they’d be pictographs, others they would be off-the-cuff poetry. In turn, she’d leave a note on the pillow because she wanted to. I agree that the best gifts are unexpected and they reflect the attention and love your partner deserves.
    As for Mr. Deep Pockets, I’d stack a beach picnic and hand-penned poems against his extravaganza.
    May you receive all the notes you deserve.


    • That sounds like some very sweet ways of confirming your love for one another! =)

      Well, he was more than Mr Deep Pockets or I’d never have dated him in the first place. I fell in love with his dreams and visions, which, potentially didn’t always reflect reality. And, I believe, he represented a part in me which I needed to heal. I bless him for teaching me what he did, because he truly did give me some lessons and he looked after me to the best of his abilities.

      Thank you!!! You too!!!! =)


      • megawfa79

        It is amazing that some relationships happen for reasons other than love. What some people call a “rebound”, I like to call a realignment of your love life. There are partners, boyfriends, girlfriends, whatever…who unknowingly give our hearts and heads a gentle re-adjusting. They give us the missing piece(s) that allow us to heal. Often they are not fully appreciated until long after the relationship has ended. Sometimes, we need our faith in love restored. Our hearts have been broken and our souls need comforting. These amazing people help us to heal our hearts and reaffirm our belief in the power of love. We all need these people now and then.


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