A little wisdom…

Me: Damn it!

Best Friend: What?

Me: Everything!

Best Friend: It will be alright.

Me: How?

Best Friend: We’re not dead yet!



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4 responses to “A little wisdom…

  1. storiesfromthestove

    Very good reminder. I use a variation on that theme. After a series of bitches, moans, protestations and complaints I find myself saying, “Right. And one day we’ll all be dead.”
    Some things are important; most aren’t.


  2. Sometimes there are upheavals on the way, or learnings where one realizes how one has lived one’s whole life in a way that was, in short, stupid and one isn’t quite happy about it, or certain what one should do next to sort things out as fast as one would like. The point is though; one is alive now. One has to dance with it – be it a gorgeous ballad or a heavy metal tune playing, one has to live. When one forgets to live, that’s when the real problem start! So here’s to living – cheers!!! =)


  3. Thank you for reminder. Cheers!! Great!


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