Journeys into the unknown…

As you may know by now journeys are to me a way of living – they rejuvenate me, they make me smile, they…they are where I feel at home. As soon as I get stagnant in a place, I, too, get stagnant. Of course, I would like a base though and for now I’d like that base to be Los Angeles, because I do love this town. I was just an hour ago walking home with my best friends (last night with the gang) and the hills were covered in fog (June gloom), the lights up there still penetrating the darkness and glittering in an orangy, homey kinda way. The palm trees looked duller than normal in the fog, whereas trees that were lit up looked mystical and more noticeable than ever. Everywhere you go there are flowers in LA – bright pink and purple seem to be around a lot. It’s a beautiful place. Nothing like cobble stone streets in Paris, but naturally beautiful. They say that your home is where your heart is and mine’s between La France and LA.

As I stood packing just now, I was looking through a bunch of necklaces and I wondered what memories would be attached to them by the end of the trip? What events will be associated with a certain necklace, or a certain bikini…I mean, dress? Then I went to check my computer and realized that tmrw. night I’ll be having dinner in Chelsea as a friend has put me down for that. It’s quite normal when you live in London of course, but when I was acting a chick from Chelsea a few weeks back I would never have guessed that I was going there this summer!

It’s fascinating how we know so little about what tomorrow will bring! When vacating I guess the sensation grows as you actually think of tomorrow as a complete unknown (well almost), rather than a routine with potential interruptions. Of course some days really shake us up, even when we are living our routine life and expect another day like the rest. I guess I was just never one for wanting another day like the rest in that many aspects, but then again, I live a pretty habitual life for most of it, I just never saw myself in a nine to five. You know what’s so great about movies? You get to live like a gypsy.

I think sometimes we get so caught up in our own patterns that we forget to ask ourselves what could be possible? I may be one for the road, but that too is a pattern and sometimes, because of how I use it, a curse. It is strange to start questioning the way one lives, because one takes it for granted (so what’s there to question?) but sometimes it opens doors that lead to fabulous paths. That’s when one realizes that one has lived in the gutter all one’s life without even stopping to look up at the stars. Once we see the stars we are bound to move toward them, but before we know of them, we are content to keep living as we always have.

Today I was complimented for my nose. Now that’s a first. Apparently I have one of the top five noses this guy has ever seen. He said it reminded him of a cloudy day in Scotland and that’s the one place he really wants to visit. He got green with envy when I said I’d been several time. I love Scotland, I just disagree with the weather. Anyway, point being: my nose. Who could have ever imagined? Rainy day in Scotland (and he actually pulled off making it sound poetic too!!)?

There is a man who was fabulous with metaphors, his name was Milton Erickson. He was a most remarkable fellow. To illustrate what I was just talking about, I’d like to use one of his teaching tales from the book The Teaching Tales of Milton H. Erickson (as much as I remember of it – I just lent the book to a friend).

Erickson asks one of his students what the possible ways to get from the chair they are standing by to a chair in the other end of the classroom? His student tells him that he could walk, jump, jump on one leg, crawl, hop from chair to chair, walk on his hands, do cartwheels… Erickson replies that he, personally, would walk out that door over there, take a flight round the world, do a couple of extraordinary things, and walk in the other door and walk over to the chair.

Why expect the ordinary when you could be expecting the extraordinary? And why not take time to sip the dew of life, whilst you can? There’s an adventure in every drop!

Beautiful LA, beautiful Cali camping trip, Hello London and Virgin forever…I mean, you gotta see each day as a Virgin opportunity!!! (Did I just come up with a slogan for Virgin? Someone call Branson and let him know he should know me!!)



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8 responses to “Journeys into the unknown…

  1. megawfa79

    I LOVE flying Virgin! When I first traveled to London, that was the airline of choice. The best customer service, both on and off the plane.
    As for your extraordinary journeys, we all should expect the extraordinary. Our journeys should have a bare-bones itinerary because it should always be subject to change. We should plan for spontaneous adventure, even it it doesn’t materialize.
    As for your nose, we’ve never seen it. But you’re getting rave reviews. You’ve had compliments on your nose and ass – let’s see what’s next. You do have nice legs. brad


    • Yeah, Virgin usually rocks!

      We should expect the extraordinary and be glad to soak up life in every moment! We should plan for adventure, but also be ready to ditch all plans for an even greater adventure!!!! At least that’s my philosphy! =)



  2. Dizzy – this is great! So many things to ponder. Adore Scotland and thank you for into to Erickson – genius! Happy trails 😉


  3. Hello London! 🙂 Just to let you know ‘The Harrods Girl’ is no longer due to security reasons/hacking password protection on my emails etc so I have set up a new blog as you can see! Now you have to show me that Soho thai you were talking about! Where will you be working? xx


    • Oh no, bummer!

      For sure!!!! It’s great, but one can’t book in advance, so be prepared for a que!

      I don’t know yet. My aim is to find a job by Tuesday…ahem…I have done luxury retail (shops assistant), PA for CEO, biz consultancy and waitressing, to mention but a few, so we will see what I can find…I plan to walk all over on Monday to hand out CVs…..will be a nice trek!!

      Hello London indeed!!! 🙂


      • well if you want to get in with Harrods let me know! And secsandthecity is a good site for PA work etc…
        trust me I’ve done the whole part time slog thing so I know the drill!


        • Oh that would be lovely!!! I have done luxury retail before, so should be qualified! Will check out that site as well – thank you!

          Add me on facebook so we can get in touch personally!! (I will delete this post once you reply…) )



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