5 pounds…for your thoughts…

I arrived in London yesterday, was picked up on the airport by one friend, swept off to a BBQ and clubbing by another and today it’s yet another friend’s b-day… Hello London!!! However, it was not this stopping me from posting yesterday’s blog – it was a lack of internet connection. So now I have to post two posts today!

I came here with about five or six pounds in my pocket – some left over change from my last trip. I debated whether to bother bringing it or not, but in the end I packed it down. This week they called from my London bank to tell me they thought one of my bank cards were being used fraudulently so they cancelled it. I can pick up a new one on Monday. The other English card had already expired, so picking up a new one on Monday. My American card I left in America, as I didn’t think I’d use it anyway. The Swedish one I realized today, whilst in a shop, has been cancelled as I am in a different country and they think it can be a fraud…. So with only a gazillion other foreign currency in my wallet that I planned to exchange I stood in the shop looking stupid, because as it was night I couldn’t go change the cash I had, nor call my bank in Sweden. It reminded me of the time when I broke my credit card in Paris and I only had one card with me. Of course, I can go exchange my cash tmrw. and get my cards sorted on Monday, but isn’t it a funny feeling having five pounds only in your pocket? You are so used to having a card as a security measure – whatever happens, you can pay for emergencies. With five pounds in your pocket (even less after dinner) you can’t pay more than well, three pounds…

In situations like this I say what I have said before: the best insurance you can ever have is your friends. Where there is friends there is usually no emergency that can’t be handled, no situation that can’t be resolved and no wish that can’t be granted so long as you are prepared to do the same for them.

Money often leads to laziness, at least in my case. I have an urge to circumnavigate certain things by simply paying for them. There are tasks I hate and as a result I usually pay extra to avoid them. However, to think how you can do something with half the cash you have, usually lend you to become a hell of a lot more creative. If you were desperate to earn fifteen grand in three months, or your family/friends would suffer, what would you be prepared to do? How creative would you get? When a lot is at stake, people suddenly also get very creative. As always – it takes something to get us to think out of the box, but how nice wouldn’t it be to always be thinking out of the box?

A penny for your most creative thoughts on how to earn fifteen grand in three months… (outside your regular salary, of course…) 

(P.S. Have you ever noticed how different people reply if you ask them what’s going on in their mind currently, rather than “how you doing?/what’s up?/how was your day?” If you ask me, I’d rather pay a penny for their thoughts than having to sit through “I went there, I worked, the boss said this, the employee said that, I had dinner with a friend, I went to bed.” Boooooring! Whereas peoples’ minds are just soooooo fascinating!!!)


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