Are Swedish people really best in bed???…

Someone googled the headline of this post and ended up on my blog, so I feel obliged to answer them: yes, naturally. We are Swedish. That says it all. Seriously speaking, I can’t believe someone would google this. I mean seriously?!!!! There is a Swedish saying: taste is like the butt – divided in two parts. Literally meaning that we all have different tastes and as far as I know there is no sex school in Sweden that’s giving extraordinary lessons, although I wish there was. How cool wouldn’t it be to be taught sex? Wouldn’t that remove a lot of the hysteria around the whole thing? Of course sex has everything to do with personal chemistry too, but nonetheless, the Indians and Taoists were teaching this like how many centuries ago? Have we digressed or something?

How many people have ever felt like they’d like to know exactly how to push someone’s buttons in bed? Hands up? OK, quite a few of you…. I know for one that I wish someone would have taught me what to do and not to do in bed before I tried it out. I mean saving oneself heart palpitations or what? Having said that, if you truly love someone, I’m sure you’ll figure it all out together anyway, it’s just most people end up in bed way before they love one another and instead of exploring they are both trying to prove what sex gods/goddesses they are, totally freaking out about the other person’s opinion of them. It’s of course different in different cultures, I have lived in the city for a long time and it truly is Sex And The City, if you get my point – I know very few people who wait to have sex until they know they love someone, or at least trust them. However, love and trust apart, no matter how much you explore, wouldn’t it just be handy to learn from the masters? I mean, even if I have danced since I was a kid, I wouldn’t say no to a lesson from Liza Minelli! And if there is as big a difference between being good in bed and being great in bed as there is between being a dancer and being a professional dancer…hey, give me some classes!!!

All of life is an art, sex included, I just wish we could all take the pressure off (including the Swedes with their ultra reputation to live up to…) and have fun, learn, practice (with whom you see fit)…and treat it as the art it should be. Now I’m off to read two books – one is called The Mastery of Love (re-read) and the other The Multi-Orgasmic Couple. I swear by the first one, the second one…I’ll let you know when I get a boyfriend…

No, Swedish, hello!!!!

You gotta see the humor in things…even in sex…



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8 responses to “Are Swedish people really best in bed???…

  1. megawfa79

    I had a good chuckle over this post. The urban myth about the sexual superiority of Swedes has its base in the classic film, “I Am Curious – Yellow”. That movie, along with images of Anita Eckberg, helped many American men to believe that Swedish women were wild and ready for sex. The only way to know for sure if this is truth (?) is to become involved with an attrative Swedish woman. It doesn’t matter what your cultural background, there will always be falacies. As for me, I agree that sex is a matter of learning by doing. What we learn by trial and error helps us discover the true nature of love and attraction. Don’t we have to learn what we don’t like first before learning what we do?


  2. miranda

    I dunno are they ?…..All I know & can testify is I had my… very first… OMG …..orgasm with a Swedish boy …… then on after I knew what all the hype about sex was…..he set the bench mark. Thank you Stefan X


  3. YES they are hot.. .. I love Swedish men


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