I will shag you till loose gums do us part…

I can bullshit my way trough almost anything, I’m very good with that…but when someone asks you to write a wedding speech…that’s when the BS needs to get lost. I mean, you just can’t bullshit your way through something as important as that. Many things in this life are perceived as important that mean very little, but a wedding…given the couple is in love…is serious in a most wonderful, sparkling, magical, mystical, beautiful, gorgeous, awesome (I’m running out of superlatives) way. So when a very good friend of mine, who I happen not to have seen for two years, wrote me a note to charm my socks off saying: “I don’t think I know anyone who’s read so many wise books as you and who enjoy so much to philosophy through stories and words on these great topics life has to offer. Like love..” I couldn’t not help her. Right. So on with cringe factor no.5 and let loose the poet in me….that is to say: I have to be vulnerable whilst writing this…I can’t just say something witty about shagging each other till lose gums do you part…ahem… So now I will start cringing and showing you my heart…

Take 1. Action.

I could say many things, but I believe the most important one has already been said. It has been said today and it will continue to be said for the rest of your lives. It will be said in actions, in smiles, in gifts, in cuddles, in chores, in lovemaking, in cooking, in glances, in touches… It’s a most wonderful thing. It will shine a light upon darkness. It will make the good times seem even brighter. It will bring comfort when there are storms. It will bring warmth to the cold. It will live in you and between you and it will be shared with those around you. Bar none I would swap a million dollars for this gift any day, because it does what a million dollars could not do and it makes you feel like a million dollar could not make you feel.

Through the centuries there have been many stories, but I believe this one is the one most often told, most often wanting to be heard. For this, I believe you are blessed – you found what people throughout the centuries have most longed to find. You found it. And now it’s your gift, to every day give to each other again, in all those ways that mean the most for you. I hope you will really take time to figure these out, because what more fun could there be? How much better does playing get than to play with finding out what makes another heart beat faster? How much wonderful could it be than having someone play this game with you, trying out everything they can to make your heart beat faster?

Remember this. Remember that you will always have that gift to give to each other, no matter what storms are raging, what good times are being celebrated, or what craziness is going on around you. So if the rest of the world is on fire, you will still have this and it will still be as wonderful. It will always be a little oasis, a little bubble of magic, because no matter what, it will still be. Always remember to stop whatever else is happening and say it to each other, every day, in ways that are the most brilliant to you. If you do, I believe you will create something that can move mountains.

I believe you all know what I am talking to by now. So raise your glasses if you may – here’s to the world’s most important words: I LOVE YOU!

Should I do a Take 2? You decide… I suppose I avoided writing a love poem. That would be…crikey, yeah, that would be…astounding if I published that here. Between that and karaoke I think I would conquer my worst fears…however, if I loved the guy I wrote it for and sung to the guy I loved..that would up it even more… I guess all it would be though, as most things are: just me, showing who I am. Without the make-up, fully visible, even with a note an octave or two too high or love…I mean low…ahem…


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