Your heart…

There is a wisdom of the head, and a wisdom of the heart. – Charles Dickens I personally believe that the heart knows the answer way before the head, because the heart knows what your subconscious knows – it has taken into account all the gazillion things you would never consciously have known you knew. It also knows what’s underneath your fears, belief systems and other thoughts that create your reality, but aren’t necessarily real.

A friend of mine was spending a lot of time with a man. She told everyone about him as she enjoyed his company so much, but to her he was just a friend. Her friends then told her how gorgeous he was and that really, she was blind. If she missed out on her opportunity to be with this man, she was crazy. So she had a think and realized that maybe they were right. Next time she met him she got heart palpitations just looking at him, because she saw him from a completely different light.

Thoughts make things into things – they complicate them a thousand times over and often leaves us frustrated as we just don’t bloody know – the mind can see something from a thousand different perspectives, that’s why it’susually a good idea to make up your mind to see things from the perspective that would be most useful to you when it comes to every day things, such as the weather. A storm can be exciting and exhilarating with a chance of curling up with a good book and a cup of tea, or it can be something other than the sun and you can’t go hiking…

Once upon a time there were two guys I met at the same time. One was obviously attractive to me, the other was obviously irritating, yet both caught my attention. As destiny would have it I got the guy that was obviously irritating, because he was also irritatingly stubborn and as events unfolded…it just happened that way. Looking back I find it rather amusing – if you would have asked me who to go for I would have picked the obviously attractive one, but to this day the obviously irritating one brings the biggest smile on my face you could ever imagine.

It has therefore become apparent to me, that sometimes my heart’s message must get lost in translation…I mean I am dizzy and all that so I usually get caught up in ten thought of train at the same time…

The other day I decided to spend a few minutes thinking with my heart. I immediately came up with a branding solution that’s been bugging me for quite some time. I don’t necessarily know how to figure out what the heart is always feeling, as my thoughts usually create my feelings by forming opinions, but I figure one can do as one does with expanded awareness – realize that what you are thinking about is about one millimeter of the world’s surface – your world is tiny and so also your perspective. Allow yourself to be open to seeing things from a different angle and seeing more than what you are currently seeing (always remember that you might, unknowingly, be staring at a cow’s ass – being so close to the cow that you mistake that for being the world as it’s all you can see). Then, ask your heart to open up to you and share what it’s truly feeling. After all there is the saying “ask and it shall be given.” Think and it shall remain obscure. Your thinking is always swayed by your perception of the world, your knowledge, your experiences…the heart does not have an opinion. It just feels what’s best for you. At least, I believe that…but then it may be my head thinking…;0)



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4 responses to “Your heart…

  1. divine……out of chaos comes creation…..good post…

    love all…


  2. So love the way your brain … and heart … work!


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