Wax on, wax off…

“Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity” – George Carlin Ever wanted to fight for something, or did fight for something really hard? I have fought a lot in my days. Always gave me a kick. I was going to conquer the world…one city at a time, starting with New York. You know, being blonde and all, I really believed I could do it. I still do, in a way. It’s just a very different way.

I went to see Karate Kid, the new version with Jaden Smith. I loved it actually. I thought it was well made, which is rare. A few hick-ups with lightening that looked unreal and shit, but it was good. Jaden does a good job – he is enjoying himself. Unlike many grown-ups he’s not forcing many emotions. He’s just playing. Simple, but nice plot. Made me think, as movies do. (I’m talking movies…warning signals should be heard…I may not stop talking…I prefer to make movies though, not talk about them.)

I believe in fighting in the sense that you should never give up (unless you realize you are fighting the wrong battle, or you may have to give up in the sense that it’s time to change tactics). I also believe in discipline; in fighter spirit. The funny thing is, that true fighter spirit is so different from what most people who fight for something realize.

One big realization for me was that as long as you are fighting something, you are keeping it with you. You aren’t letting something go if you are fighting it. I found this quote today, which I believe highlights it: “He who lives by fighting with an enemy has an interest in the preservation of the enemy’s life.” – Friedrich Nietzsche Don’t fight problems – solve them, let them go.

Another realization, that really took me some time to work out, was that as long as there are winners, there are losers. As a parent, your job is to raise your kids so well that they become better than you, right? Your job is to lose. As a teacher, it’s the same. Therefore, if your ego is in the battle…you’re screwed. You will want others to lose.

If someone is threatening to upset the world in a negative way, you will have to fight them. However, the glory of the world is not for one person to win a war. It’s not about becoming a hero to all; it’s about becoming your own hero. What this world need is for all to win. It’s an army of people striving for the same goal: what’s best for this planet and humanity as a whole. What can we do to everyday make this place a more beautiful (someone please make sure that the architects get laid), peaceful, loving, healthy place to be? When people learn to fight the battle together, to take pride in their individual paths…when every leader wants someone better to succeed him/her…that’s when we are fighting a battle worth fighting for. I believe today’s goal mania…is weird. Goals are great, but what are people fighting for? And are the living in the meantime? Or do they think they will reach happiness “if/when”?

As I see it, it’s about fighting together for a common goal, not creating wars to fight each other. I love individuality, but it has to add up to a totality in the end. Besides, if you are living your true potential, you will never feel threatened by anyone else, because you are already fulfilled.

I’d like to become more of a fighter in my every day life – I’d like a regime I stick to. A schedule. I have a lot of projects on the go this fall and I want to have them streamlined. I can’t afford to waste time. I also have a lot of spiritual work I want to do. That too deserves my full attention and a great deal of time. As does physical workouts. We are not 2D creatures. There is a full spectrum of things we need to live fulfilled lives.

“The kid” says something else as well: “I want to fight till I have no fear.” This is true. Living without fear and full of love, to me, is the ultimate freedom.

I think I started fighting both because I loved the idea of the fighter spirit – the mind-body connection – and because I wanted to conquer my fears. There was also a lot of ego involved – I wanted to be seen to be a fighter. I was daddy’s girl. I wanted to prove myself to the world. Didn’t go too well – I hurt my knee in BJJ a while back. I think it was February. I thought it had healed, but now it hurts every day. I have to walk with a knee support. Since February I haven’t fought as I realized that I may keep injuring myself and I’d rather be a dancer than a fighter. However, I miss it so much at times I go crazy. I just wanna fight. I have found nothing else that engages the body more – every muscle partakes. It engages the mind too – every class you learn something new. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just different because…well, it’s fighting. You are actually fighting, it isn’t just a metaphor and you bring that energy with you out to the other battles you are fighting. Of course, it’s not about fighting though… It’s like this two-edged sword – on the one hand life is a battle, on the other hand, to win the battle you have to stop fighting. As they say in fighting – you have to go with the flow, use the energies around you to carry you to your destination. What’s more…it’s about what you learn. It’s about the journey. Some goals, some destinations are necessary and others are good fuel, but when you have no fear, when you can live in the moment, in the fight…that’s when you are truly living.

Fighting is about energy. So is healing. I will work on healing my knee. Just as in the movie…I believe in a bit of magic: http://ht.ly/2ta2b

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” – Sun Tzu

There is nothing harsh about fighting – you keep an aware mind, you are constantly questioning and you are constantly using your energy to the max, as well as the energy that’s around you, but you are not pushing – you are using it to carry yourself forward. When it becomes like a dance, then, then you are a master. Witchcraft, magic, fighting…it’s all the same. It’s about energy. It’s about creating a force. It’s about power. That’s why you are taught respect. I believe in learning to fight, but the right way and for the right cause, all along knowing that it’s in the moment the true payoff is and if you are a true master it’s about reaching your full potential and helping others reach theirs. It’s about winning, but then it’s not…



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  1. Good post. Great perspective.


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