A moonlit scenery…

I’m back in the countryside to the sound of crickets and waves. Outside the moon shines through a slightly cloudy sky and stars are twinkling alongside it. The air smells of seaside and earth, mixed with a variety of flowers. Today I got to say hello to the horses that stay behind our house in summer and I nodded at the pheasants that roam around freely, disturbing anyone who gets in THEIR path. It’s not like they care to move unless you are a meter away from them, which is rather disturbing if you are driving a car. You also have to watch out for the deers, rabbits, hares and foxes. In the sea you find seals, fish, crabs and birds. The vegetation is lush, but the fields are already barren as the crops have been reaped. I keep laughing at the sign that a childhood friend once read: Look out for suffering children (it reads: Look out for children playing).

This is my home. Here I can see the seasons changing, I am aware of weather and winds. There was a time when I became quite good at predicting the weather. Today I’m a city dweller – I hardly hear a car approaching full speed. You can compare living in a city to eating spicy foods all the time – you become numb. Unless something is really spicy, you don’t notice it.

For me, being in tune with nature has always been important. I love to feed off the energy of the seasons, to indulge in them and make the most of them. It’s a completely different kick you get from being in the countryside to being in the big city. Although the city is fun, to really rejuvenate myself, I prefer the country. Out here your mind once again declutters – the numbness leaves and you begin to become aware of your surroundings and your own body.

Oftentimes we really don’t realize how much things affect us, because we grow blind to them. A bird living in a cage all its life will not know freedom, so nor will it notice its captivity. (Speaking of which – I used to have two lovebirds and my dad had thrown some bird food, that is to say: seeds, behind the garage. He then went back there to find a huge hemp plant. It made me laugh for quite some time – my dad by mistake growing weed.) I loved my birds, but never again will I have birds that have to be in a cage. It was torture to have it like that.

If you listen, if you really listen to your body and mind, I am sure you will start to notice the small things that affect you. You may say that the moon does not have any affect on you, but it controls the tide. You are 90% water. You may say that the spices you use do not affect you, but spices and herbs are potent. Especially if you eat a healthy diet – it seems the more raw foods you eat, the more sensitive you get. If you eat a lot of processed foods it’s like your whole system goes numb. In the same way, the weather, the seasons, the planets, the friends you have, the colors you surround yourself with, etc. will affect you and wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly what is going on with you? Why you are sad one day and happy the next? Thoughts apart, there are many things to take into consideration, although I’d say that the day you can control your thinking, the day you can see beyond what you have learnt to what truly is…the day you can break free, truly live by love and be happy regardless, that day you may be so much in control that not even the moon can play with your tides.

I’m a bit of a witch – I believe that everything is energy and if you know how to use it correctly, you create magic. I believe in being connected with nature for that reason, to live in harmony with one’s surroundings and one’s own body. I have faith that there’s an answer to every question, like yin and yang. I love studying herbs and making potions and lotions, as well as eating natural things. I believe the closer to a natural state of being that you get, the closer to well-being you get as you are able to tune into yourself and everything else. In the big city I often get frustrated as I long for the countryside (hence my love of LA – there are gardens and nature is close by) and I don’t always live in harmony with myself – I haven’t yet learnt not to get swept away by things. One really should keep a calendar in which one notes the weather, one’s mood, one’s eating habits, one’s sleeping patterns, one’s dreams, one’s exercise schedule, the phases of the moon, one’s general health, etc. “Know thyself,” applies in more ways than one – you need to know what affects you also.  

In the city we create many false desires and have to “listen” to a lot of things we do not need to hear. Out in the countryside you start to find your way back to just being. I love it. I am blessed that I have it.



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2 responses to “A moonlit scenery…

  1. divine…..drinking moonlight is enlightenment……from every pore of your body…..

    good post….natural writing….

    love all…


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