The treasures I seek….schysss….it’s a secret within… ;)

There’s an absolutely stunning cloud outside the window and the view is something like amazing as I’m at the top of a building with panoramic view. The fire is on, the discussions are mellow, yet interesting. I feel like I’m gaining clarity on a number of different issues. Like allowing life to happen at the same time as I’m getting clearer and clearer on my intentions. I’m seeing the stars now, because if you want gold, you can’t stare at the gutter. It will not be your guiding star. As the name implies, the stars will guide you to the treasures you need find, and the treasures themselves are those stars…

Have you ever tried something so good you almost fainted, yet gone back to something familiar and not so good straight thereafter, somewhat confused and lost as how to get back to what you tasted just then? And you think you have lost your way? Yet, what you just did was to find it. You found the treasure at the end of the rainbow, then you were thrown back to your normal life. You know now though. You know where it is and if you really want it again, you will find it. Not because you know the way, because clearly you were just thrown in the air, as if by stepping on a hidden catapult. You opened that gate though. It was only because you were open to it that you managed to step on that catapult which took you straight there. It felt like magic, but all you did was opening that door in your mind, allowing yourself to step on the trigger.

Now, as you stand there confused, back to where you came from, with no map to where you just visited, the treasure, all you have to do is sit down, breathe and decide where you are going next. It’s really that simple. All you do is opening the door in your mind and sooner rather than later you will step on another catapult, or simply find the way there by foot, so that you will always know the road back. Back to the treasures that you truly seek. Open your heart, open your mind. Do not hang onto it, just open your mind to it. To its possibility. Because truly: everything is possible if you just see the possibility. That is the road. That is your guiding star. That is the treasure.

Walk amongst the stars, you deserve it…wait, you are already walking on the Milkyway…maybe just open your…mind…and in your heart you will find…what you seek, which will take you to what you are seeking… What do I seek? Well, that is what I will find.



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