You will act…

…even when you choose not to act, that is an action. Your view on life will determine how you process the information given and how you therefore decide to act. You can praise what you have or sulk over what you do not have. You can move forward towards what you want, or cry over what you did not get. You can see beyond what you have seen, or you can be stuck in your own little bubble. It’s a choice. The truth is that there are many realities. If you ask the 30 people in a coffee shop what they were thinking when ordering their cake, the answer will be very different. Where they were in their mind may have had very little to do with their physical location. They say that people who have lost track of reality are crazy, but that means that 99% of the population is crazy, maybe more. To get in touch with “what is” and how to get what we want is important. Most people never do.

Ekaterinburg (Russia): Shoes

Right after the fall of communism, a Belgian company sent two representatives to look into the feasibility of selling their products. Two different reports were received.

“Nobody wears Western shoes here,” wrote the first representative, “if we install a factory here, we will suffer heavy losses.”

“Nobody wears Western shoes here,” wrote the second representative, “If we install a factory here, we will start the fashion trend and sell the entire production.”

– Paulo Coelho

The reality is that both may be right, but that means that the one that pursues the half of the population open to buying shoes will get a lot richer than the one that pursues none of the population. However, if someone thought that everyone will buy shoes from them, they will suffer heavy losses.

Some say that if you build a round house, or a castle, you are a bit wacko, as that’s just not normal. We created normal though. What you see in every city is not “normal,” the woods, or the mountains are normal. Those that think that life is what society made it into, are somewhat far from reality in one sense and completely living it in another.

If you keep living life today as you did yesterday, and how you live it is determined by your point of view, it’s unlikely to change unless someone else changes it for you. If the same thing happens at work or in your personal life, ask yourself how you can see it differently and therefore act differently so as to achieve a different result.

It’s easy to dwell on past mistakes, but if you really think about it, this moment today holds unlimited possibilities of far greater things that you may have ever experienced before! The reason we cry is because we miss what we had. On the other hand, we’d get really excited if we thought we just lost a million to make space for ten. Most people cannot see out of their bubble.

Think about what you are thinking about, then move onto thinking about something new, should it seem appropriate. Or just experience the now, because most conclusions you draw today, by tomorrow will proven to be wrong anyway.


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