So I’m sitting a couple of thousand feet up in the air writing this. There is the moon outside the window and cities are sparkling below…it’s truly magical. En route to NYC; the big apple.

It’s one of those weird feelings. Flying to New York. I guess because it was my dream for so long I just find it incredible. I mean I’ve been there once before, but still – it’s still New York. I can’t wait to see the skyscrapers.

It’s been a beautiful journey as the sun was setting before and the moon has been with us throughout. It’s also that feeling of having left summer behind – another journey coming to an end. A very interesting journey. Nothing went as planned, yet everything seemed to happen according to plan, if that makes any sense at all.

Landed, got through security, took a cab to Queens and somewhere along the very fast, crazy ride I started doubting my own sanity – on my way to some sort of private BnB that I found online in an area I don’t know in a city that never sleeps…

After driving through some rather horrendous areas we did end up in Trump’s neighborhood and I sighed from relief, especially as they explained it’s the safest part of Queens. The cicadas were singing outside and even though the room ain’t pretty, the hosts seemed nice and the place had enough good reviews to calm my nerves. And it’s not a hostel.

The thing is though, it’s so typical of me to throw myself into things head over heels and end up in distant places that are…interesting. From my career to my travels…I’m a wild child. Ever so prim and proper and morally stuck up, but with some sort of adventurous streak and a messy way of life – a want to break the boundaries. I guess that’s why I love LA. To be honest I’m so homesick there’s nothing like it. I miss my sunny paradise.

Summer still lingers in the air, the cicadas are playing, I’m in NYC and life is, as always, a journey. I hope to learn to navigate better, but in the meantime I may as well enjoy the crazy ride.



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