Hello L.A….

Right, the internet died two nights in a row where I was staying so today I have to write three posts instead of one. I am currently in Chicago, on my way to LA. If there is one thing I have learnt this summer it’s that Cali is home. I didn’t realize how dark London is till I left – as soon as I hit New York London felt like a dark dream. One in which I had a lot of fun, but dark nonetheless. There is just something about that town…like everyone’s depressed somehow, or there’s something in the air… New York is a lot of fun…it’s just not as chilled and sunny as LA… I love being close to nature and the beach, having gardens around me, rooftops with pools, etc.

Back in LA!!!! Oh, hello gorgeous!!! Sitting in my favorite caf, with my favorite girl! It’s so funny – someone behind us were talking about some movie: “Well, she was naked almost throughout the whole movie…but she did a good job and everything.” Yeah, hello Cali! Everywhere you go people are talking about movies. I don’t know, I just love this town – the sea, the sun, the mountains, the movies, the health freaks, the crazy egos that have been shaken up with a healthy dose of spirituality, but not always big enough to stop the madness…

I’m home :0)


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