There is something to be said for mystery – for some secret hanging in front of our nose like a carrot dangling in front of a rabbit. You can go through life just eating, sleeping, pro-creating and exercising. You don’t have to do much more. Yet, most of us are seeking out this life – indulging in its mystery. For some the mystery is an excuse to color life the way you wish to see it. We all know that the agnostics and the spiritualist see life differently…mystery is an opportunity to choose your point of view – right or wrong, because no one knows what is right or wrong so long as it remains a mystery. Mystery is what make teenage girls fall in love with men on the silver screen – they are as they want them to be in their hearts.

Yet, mystery to most, is what makes life interesting, as we don’t know what will happen tomorrow, where we came from, or what precisely that we are. There are as many theories it seems as there are people although some conclusions seem to be Universal. Even so, nothing is ever definite so long as there isn’t proof and there isn’t proof of much. All I know is that we color the Earth together with its other inhabitants and unlike most other animals we seem to have some choice as to how we use our palette. Inside of us there is a plethora of different emotions, intentions and capabilities. It is up to us what we bring out. If you look at the different cities around the world, you see what people in different regions used as paint. There is nothing stopping you but lack of imagination to create a completely different reality on this planet right now.

Love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence.  ~Eric Fromm

Like lovers throwing themselves blindly into the arms of a stranger they have created a dream-like image of, this life is as much fantasy as it is reality. Where one stops and the others starts is anyone’s guess. Let’s go down the rabbit hole, shall we???

The magical beauty of life…

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13 responses to “Mystery…

  1. Wow !!
    Another DizzyBlonde Classic post. I love every word written here, as not too often do you find a person who speaks their mind , yet still appreciates what the universe has to offer us all.
    Thanks for the beautiful post .



  2. A dizzy blond probably has more to confess then most. It’s said they have more fun.


  3. Awesome post. I really enjoyed it!


  4. Bob

    What in the holy living f*ck is this doing on the front page? I hate you, New Digg.


    • moob59

      ” holy living f*ck ” hmm… you must be a great conversationalist… carry on your way maybe one day you will be one of the recipients of a Darwin Award LOL


    • I see you have copied and posted some of the comments from Digg – given it’s the same IP address on all the comments, so you are probably not the original writer of any of them…

      I don’t really know why anyone would feel so strongly about a cheesy post, but there you go – life is a mystery, I hope you enjoy it!


  5. i can’t believe i actually read this drek….

    “nothing defies the laws of nature, only what we know of them.” — dana sculley


  6. none of this makes any sense. it is a page long and it says absolutely nothing. why is every single f**king sentence abstract? and did she seriously end with “let’s go down the rabbit hole, shall we?” did that f**king happen? how could this article be any worse, any more cliche, and any more of a setback for blonde women. i honestly don’t know how to react to this being on the front page. i think what i feel about it is sad, and pity. this is pretty f**king pathetic. next time i want to ponder the meaning of existence, i won’t do it on a blog written by a f**king dunce with no grasp of sentence structure, whose apparent goal is to make life sound far less intriguing than it is so that we get on with our lives.


    • moob59

      so… is the observer the observed ? ” none of this makes any sense. it is a page long and it says absolutely nothing. … ” maybe you are just more of the same over and over and over repeating nothing else but the past, oh by the way can you tell us… if the thinker is the thought? lol this reply just might make you ballistic… Good for you! this way you can come back from the moon and tell us if it’s made of green cheese… ROFL


      • Hey, thanks for joining the discussion! :0)

        The guy/gal who posted these comments, and it’s the same guy/gal for all three, just copied them off digg, so I don’t know what their intention was, but just so you know, the comments aren’t really “originals” so to speak. I love that the person is promoting porn, human growth hormones and ID protection through the links provided. Clearly shows that the message wasn’t really the message so to speak – they are just trying to get a free ride from someone else’s anger over the post.

        Funny life!


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