A magical recipe for love…

Let me share a secret with you….if you want me to? Well, if you do, read on, if not…wave farewell and à bientôt! So if you are still here, I assume you want to hear it?!! OK then, here goes: I will share my grandma’s pancake recipe with you. It’s not that of a master chef, but to me it makes the best pancakes in the whole wide world and I will tell you why in a little while…

You need one of those old frying pans made of iron, none of that nasty teflon (that I confess to owning, that’s gotta change!) and when you fry them you use either traditional margarine, or a vegan non-hydrogenated version. It should be slightly salty. The combo of the margarine and the frying pan, with the temperature being very high (almost top-notch, but be careful, they quickly burn) create a lot of (lovely) smoke – fire alarms sometimes go off….

So what you do is that you get as many eggs (organic, free-range) as there are people, then you mix them with flour – just keep adding and whisking until it gets so thick you can hardly move it (make sure there are no lumps). Then you add milk until you have quite a thin batter. You only need just enough batter to cover the frying pan, as they aren’t meant to be thick. Fry until golden brown on both sides. Et voilà – crèpes are ready to be served. Super simple. Just serve with fruit conserve (I love the ones that are sweetened with fruit juice), or some form of sugar, or whatever else you like. You can make them savory too and fill them with something nice, like mushrooms, asparagus and cheese – I made ones with shrimp in them when visiting my granddad last.

Nowadays I use either wholemeal spelt flour, or some gluten-free version (not always successful) and rice, or almond milk. If you want them sweet you can pour some maple syrup, or honey into the batter.

The trick with all of this is that you gotta whisk with love, pour with love, bake with love and eat with love. You gotta make them for the people you love, starting with one for yourself – the first one always end up looking funny, but it tastes the best as you can eat it whilst cooking the rest :0)

These pancakes aren’t perfect. They are lovable though, I can attest to that.

We love someone not because they are perfect, but because they resonate with us. For me, today, that was something I needed to remember.

Yesterday I got a bit busy missing my gran for half an hour or so. I realized it was pointless to long to be with her and granddad in Menton and eat coffee bonbons from the market in Italy, or simply sit watching her bake pancakes as we talk. What I do understand though, is that my life is filled with amazing people – the kind that really do stick around. The ones that do call back. The ones that I enjoy being around, who enjoy being around me. I like that. A lot. I think I should focus on them. They are still with me. They will one day be the people I sit crying over. So I think it’s about time I had them over for pancakes.

The apron of stars…given to me by my gran: Les tabliers des stars. Le premier prix d’interprétation de la recette des pâtes à la carbonara a été décerué au chef de famille. La maîtresse de maison a recu la palme d’or pour son hospitalité, et les enfants se sont vus attribuer le prix des jeunes espoirs du festival de la cuicine et de la maison.

Farmer’s Market…one of my fav past times!

A few of our cookbooks…underneath them are tons of food magazines. The bunch of notes, cut outs and recipes I gathered from gran is about the size of a small tower…and the bunch of cookbooks and recipes I have gathered at home in Sweden…let’s not even go there…my poor dad is threatening to toss all my books out of the attic every time I come home!



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2 responses to “A magical recipe for love…

  1. Interesting, it is like myself doing them. Maybe with small difference in recipe. I add a pinch of salt, sugar if I want them slightly sweet and yogurt, the one which is liquid. The last thing makes pancakes smooth and gentle.

    Also, you could try add skinned and chopped apples and fry small pancakes. Let say using full table spoon as measure.

    I can’t agree more with using old-fashion, heavy iron pan with low edge. But is using margarine right for this? My mum used to do it on a lard or what I do and prefer is a vegetable oil.

    By the way, you seems to be a skilled chef 🙂 Turning pancakes in the air is not so common in the home kitchen 🙂


    • You can add a pinch of salt – sometimes my gran did too! I use oil sometimes, but I find margarine (vegetable) to be better. I believe we all have our fav recipe and the important thing is that WE enjoy it OURSELVES 🙂 Half of the joy for me is just baking them, as I love to cook. It feels homey!

      It’s quiet easy actually! Love it!


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