A hero…

Black Knight #1 (May 1955). Cover art by Maneely

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We all wanna have heroes in our life right? At least I do. Wild men riding big black horses and all that…(a motorbike will suffice). I never realized though how deeply in the unconscious the hero theme actually run in men (…or, well, in some men…). A friend of mine told me today that she awoke one night to find her boyfriend leaning over her and in a very heroic manner saying: “It’s OK baby, I’ll save you.” A hero. Well, at least in his dreams…

I wish someone came to my rescue…actually someone did today. I was going in a cab to a friend’s and I brought a bag with me. As I got there I realized I didn’t have a phone and didn’t know the code to dial the flat. So I stood by the iron gate looking confused. The cab driver immediately thought that I was “in need” and refused to take the tip I gave him – he even charged me less than the fare and offered to help me out if I was “in trouble.” Sure I was stressed, but that was a bit too much – I wondered if I looked like I was homeless? (Or just another blonde out-of-luck actress?) Five hours sleep, too much stress and caffeine? God knows.

After trying to access the internet and failing, I had no option but to climb the damn gate, which was all well, but once I got onto the wall next to it I realized that it was too far to jump down on the other side, so I had to climb back. I was saved by a gay guy with two cute dogs who finally let me in. No horse. No love at first sight. But a hero nonetheless…

There are so many everyday heroes that we forget about – from the neighbor who saved your cat (last time I tried to save a cat I climbed a very tall ladder in my best friend’s family’s garden, with a hose in my hand. I didn’t hit the cat with the water, rather my best friend’s dad… The cat later decided to come down. On its own accord. I didn’t get to play hero at all…just dizzy blonde!), to the person in the supermarket that actually managed to get you to smile. Someone who loves is a hero. Someone who gives is a hero. Someone who is willing to do something for others is a hero. Someone who even dares being alive is a hero. I like reminding myself that we all have the strength of a hero and that we should all be thankful for the heroes we do have in our lives. They deserve some praise and so do we.


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