Telling lies…

How many lies have you told yourself in the last week? No, seriously, how many??? I’m sure it’s more than one. When at a networking event today I told someone I was shy. Then I realized I was lying. I used to be shy. I still don’t always know what to say, but for sure I’m not shy, or a geek, or whatever I used to think. I need to get better at approaching people, but Jesus, I’d talk to a wall if it’d listen. If it’s a wall with a six-pack I may momentarily lose my footing and say something extremely stupid, but that’s part of my, uhm, charm…

I still believe in illusions as well. Like seriously. For example is there any guy or gal you have NOT sooner or later gotten over? I mean don’t we all feel completely devastated for a while and then we move on? Yet, when we are in the heartbreak stage we think it will last forever, even if none of the others did. Experience is the key to wisdom, as Da Vinci pointed out, but sometimes we forget all our experiences. We still believe what daddy taught us when we were three, or the overriding emotion of the moment. Of course, believing that you are shy is also an illusion. You are what you make yourself to be and you will make yourself to be what you believe you are.

No matter how old news all of this is, it’s things I forget to apply – the recordings in my  brain, the old vinyl record going round and round, overtakes reason more than once a day. Sometimes meeting people you have known for some time helps you remember this – they tell the same jokes they did a year ago.

I guess as with anything: keeping a perspective helps. The larger the area you can see, the clearer the image becomes. When we just see a tiny piece of the puzzle, well then you get a distorted view.

Whatever you think you are, you are so much more than that. So much more.

Pick your point of view…



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2 responses to “Telling lies…

  1. Mystic

    Yes indeed we are so much more than just a tiny little piece of information. Seeing the large picture is not what we do mostly, but instead ignore the side-lines that are there also. However we are on the way to see the whole “cake”.


  2. I sure hope so – the more cake, the better! 😉

    Thanks for commenting!!!


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