One nagging fantasy…

We all have fantasies right? Oh, come on. Don’t tell me you didn’t fantasize about that…..uh…..that new house you want. Or wearing that………..dress. Fantasies can be quite good – make us imagine things so we can act on them so as to achieve them. They allow us to pack a bag because we imagine what we will need to use during our trip. (That’s clearly why I didn’t bring an umbrella to San Fransisco…….I imagine I can buy one here…). You can also imagine the sum total of what you like and avoid people and things that don’t match up (instead of getting emotionally attached to douchebags because they are so charming…ahem..). What’s more, you can imagine where you want to go and if you see the road you are on isn’t taking you there, you can change paths. You can even imagine whom you want to be. The reality you create in your mind is the reality you will act from. If you believe you are unafraid of heights you will be happy to climb mountains. If you believe you are scared of heights, you will be unhappy climbing mountains. Maybe it’s subconscious, but it’s actually a choice. It’s not a defined reality. Pretty, cool, eh??!!!

Always remember whom you want to be and act from that place, instead of pondering on whom you’ve sometimes been and how much you dislike it. Move towards what you like instead of away from what you don’t like. So simple. Yet, we are so friggin brainwashed into thinking we are our pasts. Because of what we did then it makes us xyz. Because of what people told us we were, or how they reacted to us, it makes us abc. It makes us no one. The past is merely a fantasy in our minds.

I keep saying this, I keep forgetting it. I guess I need post-it notes all around the house saying: I am the now. I am whom I choose to be. I am the most comfortable corner within my soul. I am friggin marvelous!!!!!!!!

Have a wonderful Friday everyone – giggle at almost anything, tickle someone, watch the sunset, or the cloud formations, eat something you love, dive into endless possibilities and above all play with life, laugh out loud and love endlessly.



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2 responses to “One nagging fantasy…

  1. I imagine that I will live in Europe one day. I imagine taking the train with no intended destination – just go and worry about where I end up when I get there. I imagine that I will own a cabin by a pond, deep in the woods. I can take out a canoe early in the morning when the water is still and clear. I can enjoy the cool evening air while sitting on the screen porch overlooking the water. I imagine that I don’t have a care in the world; no problems or issues I can’t handle and the largest crisis is deciding if I want pancakes or scrambled eggs for breakfast. So many choices….
    I would rather think these thoughts instead of past events that continue to haunt me. I would rather think of things that bring me pleasure instead of worrying about things I cannot control. I would rather define myself by how I live my life instead of the events that make up my life.
    Yes, you are…we all are..friggin’ fabulous!


  2. How about imagining what you can do right now that is really lovely? How about making the now the best it can be? That way the road wil be as fun as the destination 🙂 Just my two cents!

    “I would rather define myself by how I live my life instead of the events that make up my life.” Brilliant!!!! Simply brilliant!

    We are indeed!!!!!!


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