What’s the distance from here to my next kiss???…

You know, life’s pretty cool. There are so many smile friendly things. From chocolate to dulce de leche, from six packs to biceps – the put a grin on your face. Some are annoying because you don’t have instant access (somehow I just can’t find a guy I feel would like to kiss…I’ve heard men have the opposite problem – they wanna kiss everyone. Poor souls – it must be so confusing….and disappointing, like they can’t get their favorite flavor all the time if they just kiss everyone…it’s like eating Half-Baked when you want Chocolate Fudge Brownie = plain frustrating. At least they get ice cream though, whereas I’m on a strict diet named eye candy.). There’s instant access to hot water though…sometimes even hot tubs (bless the inventor of those – “…and the Nobel prize for Best Chill Out goes to X for promoting peaceful, Zen like people with less back ache.”) Chocolate cake (well, not quite instant, takes about half an hour to get a good one together). Sunrises…(may have to wait a couple of hours…but that’s not so bad.). Singing, putting on your fav movie. dancing, doing headstands, skipping, running down a hill, jumping into big waves and falling over…so easy, so beautiful…so totally smile friendly!

And now I’m gonna sleep – instant access and totally smile friendly.


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