That would sum it up…

Don’t tell me what you have done, or will do; show me what you are doing.

To define a problem is good, to do something about it even better.

It’s easy to have an opinion from your point of view. It’s harder to take into account the rest of the world’s pov and then form a new opinion. We tend to fall in love with our own experiences.

It’s quite nice whenever you wish for something for yourself, to also wish for something for others.

To have a plan to conquer the world means that the rest of the population can’t reach the same level as yourself. To let go of ego to the extent where you would be happy for everyone else to be as successful as yourself is incredible. To realize that you are unique and worthy and that everyone else is too. It’s great to do well for yourself. It’s even greater if everyone else is doing well for themselves also.




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2 responses to “That would sum it up…

  1. oooo really like this one. To know a true friend is someone who is also there for you when things are going well in your life!


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