Chocolate mousse…

I was just cutting an onion. (I know, it’s a great start of a story…). I like onions. I love vegetables and fruit in general…the smells, textures, colors, tastes…they ground me. It’s like a connection to the Earth. (Yup, I’m a hippie, I’m sure you knew that under the Louis Vuitton and Prada she was right there in clogs, or Wellies…). Food also awakens me. Brings me back into the moment. How can they not? They are so filled with things for the senses to explore. (And if you don’t mind, me, I need to go check on my…onions…no seriously, the pasta sauce will get ruined otherwise.) So, where was I? The spaghetti is getting there… Ah, yes, food. Food. It’s like dancing – it’s impossible to sleep whilst dancing. It will sweep you off your feet. You will get involved with it. You have to move. With food it’s like a shock of the senses, but not a shock in the real  sense, unless you have an affair with the chili. It’s just so prominent – you cannot not smell it, taste it, see it, feel it…it will draw you in….when you grind the spices, work them into the dough and then watch as the ingredients turn into something delicious, you cannot not be there, savoring the moment…

Now, I realize not everyone get as happy as I do sprinkling cardamom right, left and center, or swirling around on a dance floor, but whatever it is that awakens you…indulge in it. Allow it to fill you up, sweep you away, take you on a journey. Find that something that captures your entire being, brings you right into the moment; the experience. Set limitations, aside and allow yourself the freedom of being whom you truly are. Now if you’d allow me, I’d suggest a chocolate mousse with a man on top because after all that whipping and all that chocolate you will be so ready to……because seriously, who can resist? Not I…

“Never tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon.”

~ Unknown

That’s just the way I make chocolate mousse – no limits in sight, only following my senses…the one above is a raw one!


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