Have I got a gift for you!!!…

Santa Claus with a little girl

I've been a really good girl...

The Holidays are coming up and I’m sure that this year there is “the” gift of the year within every section of every shop. There will be the book, the sweater, the laptop (sorry, I mean the macbook), the game and so on and so forth. If you are anywhere near shops it’s easy to get caught up in the craze, because you want to be part of what everyone else is seemingly part of and you want to give people what they want for Christmas, which usually comes from a shop somewhere, right?!! Is that what people really want though?

What is it you want? Have you written a list yet? What’s on there? And what’s the gift? What is the one thing you want that would make your heart sing?

My list: For Christmas it would be fabulous if I could be surrounded by my friends – I’m hundreds of thousands of miles away from my family, so here my friends are more important than ever. It would be great with a ton of hugs. It would be really nice to have the time and money to have a proper Christmas celebration with lots and lots of food and gluhwein. It would be wonderful if we could create a celebration filled with games and laughter. It would be sweet if my friends and family let me know why I matter to them. It would be truly great if I can look into people’s eyes and see that I’ve made a difference to them. It would be ever so nice to know that my business ventures are slowly coming together. It would be truly grand to hold someone’s hand. It would be splendid to know that I will be able to visit my grandparents at least one more time whilst they are still alive. More than anything it would be amazing to know that everyone I care about, including myself, are happy, loved and looked after. I cannot wish for anything better than happiness for all those whom I love and the world as a whole.

I believe the world would be a very different place if instead of buying each other things all the time, we gave each other experiences, emotions, care and enthusiasm for who people are and the power within them. Imagine waking up to a world where everyone is happy, instead of a world where everyone has cellphones…

Even though it’s great getting a thing you really need, like a car, ahem, it’s sometimes nice to remember that the gifts that truly count aren’t always the one’s wrapped in silk paper. Of course they add excitement and of course it’s lovely to receive a well thought through gift, but what truly counts is to find out that someone cares; cares enough to want to give you a gift. Cares enough to really think through what to give you. Cares enough to want to see the joy in your face when you open it. The true gift is the care. The willingness someone has to invest time in your happiness.

Happy Holidays everyone, I wish you the best of times, great health and an opportunity to always do what you love and be surrounded by those you love, who love you in return.



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