A bloody, I mean…blooming pink elephant on Sunset Blvd…

Pink Elephant??

Pink, pink, pink...

So you walk down the street and you see this pink elephant and exclaim: “OMG, it’s a pink elephant!! How bizarre…and wonderfully weird!! Gotta check this one out!” Then you proceed, curiously, to examine the pink elephant. Is it friendly? Could you approach it? Pet it? Is there any way of making it stay calm in the middle of the traffic chaos? Can you help feed it? Does it need to be taken back to nature? You really feel for this gorgeous creature that’s walking down Sunset Boulevard…you feel for it as you know what it’s like being lost. You have something in common with the pink elephant…

You could also say “WTF, a pink bloody elephant in the middle of Sunset Boulevard? Hello, I need to get to work! Can someone call the idiot producer that somehow got an elephant and painted it pink for some silly movie? Even better call the f***ing police and arrest both the elephant and the damn producer!” You don’t really see the elephant. You only see the issues it’s creating for you.

I haven’t met any pink elephants lately (but we do have a very curious goat in our back yard). I have, however, met a bunch of people that act like everyone is a pink elephant.

You have a choice really. You can explore people – seek them out, get to the depth of their being and know that there is depth to their being. You can find the common denominators that make you tick, you can embrace them for the good qualities they have and raise them to an even higher level by believing they have the power to accomplish even more.


You can degrade people. You can look for the things that won’t click between you. You can search for flaws in them to feel better than them. You can see why they are trouble, instead of how they can solve their trouble.

There’s a clear difference between people who seek to explore others and know what each and every person is capable of deep within and those that see people as tools for their own life and judge them thereafter. I think most of us are a combination of these people. Of course you will always check a person out – find out how they are currently operating. And sometimes, no matter how capable we all are deep within, we can’t entertain certain people in our life. I would like to see people as I would a gorgeous pink elephant though. I would like to feel for them. I would like to always keep in mind the strength that lie within them.

In a very similar way I’d like to view myself as a gorgeous pink elephant. Maybe with flowers painted on top. Flower power baby, share the loooooove….



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