Ego a go go…

Dreams…most of us have them. Maybe we don’t all call them dreams, we may call them wishes, hopes, longings…it’s that little thing inside of you that tickles you…makes you yearn, makes you laugh and smile.

The thing is though, it seems like there are two types of dreams. There are the dreams that are your true nature – it’s a longing to be in a place, with a person, or doing something that makes you feel fulfilled. Then there are those dreams that were bashed into our minds when we were growing up. The dreams of becoming wealthy, or really highly respected, or being seen as a success. Those are the dreams of the ego. I’m not saying that we don’t all wish for a nice lifestyle, we probably do, but that’s sort of like a basic wish for comfort, not a dream.

Dreams, I think, are things that resonate with our nature. Things that turn us, not our ego, on. It’s not about how we are perceived by people, or how big our house is, it’s about things that fulfill us.

For many years I had very big dreams and I guess I still wouldn’t mind if they came to fruition, but I realized that what propelled these dreams were ego and often it was “empty” dreaming. Even if I achieved such world-wide success, it would only please my ego. My inner insecurities would still be there.

Often today I say I want to connect with people who are self-confident in the sense that they know they can deal with whatever life throws them, rather than people who base their self-image on success in one field or another. Success, sometimes, is based on luck (or a higher karmic plan, but you know, not referring to someone’s skillset). True confidence though, is based on the assumption that you will pull through no matter what. You will keep your head calm, your heart peaceful and loving and your face smiling. It’s those people who are truly appealing to me, because that’s the kind of person I’d like to be.

I think a true dream is doing what you love, being with those you love, those who fulfill you and being in surroundings you love, getting compensated for what you do in such a way that you can live comfortably. I also believe within such a dream lies the drive to always do your best and excelling at what you do. Stagnation doesn’t make anyone happy, although it may feel comfortable at first. If we weren’t moving, we would be dead. Whether our purposes in life are imaginary, or real, they are what make us feel good, nine times out of ten.

Last, but not least, I also believe that unless your work is bringing something to others, unless you are servicing others, you will not find the fulfillment you seek.

Peace, from hippie headquarters…now, I need to head off…where did I put that Louis Vuitton bag again???…ego, rehab, anyone???


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One response to “Ego a go go…

  1. I really like what you said here. It’s something that’s been on my mind as well. I know that I get conflicted a lot between wealth and what I truly want. Coming from a family with expectations, I want to be an artist, but I would have to be a rich artist to earn my family’s respect – it totally contradicts both worlds. So usually, I just say I am an artist, I don’t care about the material, it’s not what makes me happy, and I would rather be poor but do something that fulfills me. I’ve become stronger in letting go of these family values, and with this new found confidence, I’ve actually been making better choices and more positive things have been happening because my focus is on the one true thing that means to me the most. I totally have to write something about this in my next blog entry. Thank you for the inspiration. x


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