Entertainment law and all that jazz…

Man, I got up at 5 am and watched the most beautiful sunrise I’ve potentially ever seen… Downtown  and the mountains behind were surrounded by clouds and were just simply beautiful dark silhouettes in a deep red ocean of sky, that slowly turned pink, orange, yellow and turqoise! (OK, an ocean in the sky potentially doesn’t make any sense whatsoever…) It was beyond! Amazing. Anyway, I got up to study for an exam. Watching the first ever sunrise from our new place was an added bonus!!

So, point being…yes, what would it be? First of all, I didn’t write yesterday as I was moving houses and we have no internet yet in our new place! Then all day I studied and now I am online briefly to sort out what to study for tomorrow… I’m so tired I’m seeing elephants walking by…oh well, almost. I’m at least in my fav café and I think I passed the test. Well, I hope I wrote an A, but hey, entertainment law, eh…

So maybe if I stop writing about how tired I am and get on with downloading tomorrows material, complete the work for the company I’m interning for and write today’s post…maybe I can soon walk home and dream some very sweet dreams about ahem……uh….mmmm….entertainment law and script coverage…


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