Forceful men are just so…


The Power of Serenity is priceless...

It’s 3:30 am and I’m like “Did I blog today?” Nah. Didn’t. So…hello. I’ve been thinking about something lately. The greatest force wins. Not the meanest, not the nicest, the greatest. I was thinking about it because nine times out of ten people get really uncomfortable when someone is yelling at them, or displaying some sort of negative behavior. Either they throw negative energy back, or they back away. It’s rare you see someone using positive energy to dissolve the negative one thrown in their direction. It seems it takes a lot of practice to get a lot of force of any kind really, thrown at you and stay calm.If you want to run your life though, I believe you will want to learn how to grow your strength until you have as much force as you need and you are in control of your own reactions, rather than letting yourself be a toy for others. Ahem.

I’m so off to bed. Sweet dreams, or happy daydreaming!!!


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One response to “Forceful men are just so…

  1. I think positive beats negative in the long term. It might take time, but it will be more powerful in the end. And a response, rather than a reaction, always wins, hands down.
    Strength, grace and positive energy to you!


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