So is evolution just sex, or a spiritual journey???

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I’ve been looking after a parrot, a goat and an emu this weekend. I gotta say the parrot is my favorite – he’s a real womanizer. He shrieks with delight if he gets a kiss on the cheek and he runs around impressing you with all his might. Last night my best friend and I were playing with him and apart from swinging in a trapeze and playing ball with us, he was running back and forth between us, going crazy with joy from all the attention. His favorite thing for sure though is when you have him on your shoulder and kiss his cheek. He’s adorable.

Now I got thinking about humans and animals today. I thought about how a bee spreads pollen from one flower to another and although the bee thinks it’s just getting food, it’s actually serving another purpose. In the same way, animals serve as food for one another, but if you ask an animal, I’m sure they wouldn’t reply that this is the purpose for their existence. The question that came into my mind was what purpose do we serve? What good are we doing this planet and/or the Universe? To think that we always know why we do the things we do seem like insanity to me. We are part of a system, a chain. We do not live in separation.

I also got thinking about evolution, because again, you may think you are doing something because YOU like it, but maybe you are just evolving as nature wants you to? It’s easy to say that humans so to speak evolved from monkeys. A DNA strand went astray and for some reason nature created man. Evolution is the idea of the survival of the fittest. The thing is – there are still monkeys. I’m not so sure evolution is evolution, or if it’s just simply a change? Of course, for a species to survive, it has to be fit enough to do so and of course one species evolves into another. Yet, there are many different kinds of monkeys and I’m wondering if the “original” species of monkeys still exists? Are the rest of them then fitter, or are they just different? And what does it mean to be “fitter?” That you will survive for the longest? That you can kill everyone else? Yet, how can one survive without the other animals? So is any one animal superior to another, or do we all just play our parts?

As humans we question what we do to nature, both for our own benefit and for that of other animals. They say we are a horrible race as we create so much destruction, but in all fairness I’m not so sure other animals would have cared about whom they killed if they were in their territory. What we may know though, is that if we kill off one link in the chain, all the rest will get affected, one way, or another. I don’t know, nature is just fascinating. I mean millions of years ago, if you are to believe scientists at least, I can’t verify the facts, there was no life on this planet. Then slowly cells came alive somehow. Some weird mixture of chemicals gave them life. How is that possible? It’s like magic, literally. Does everything on this planet have the potential of life? And why, why are we alive? What function do we serve? Does the white blood cells in me also think they have a life filled with purpose and meaning, not having a clue of what meaning they have to me? Yes, I know, they aren’t meant to be able to think. They are just part of me, but we are just part of the Earth. Maybe the Earth thinks we are only existing as part of its biology. It’s a fascinating life.



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2 responses to “So is evolution just sex, or a spiritual journey???

  1. tbo

    LOL I can just imagine the parrot’s facebook update this morning “Spent weekend playing kissy games with two hot swedish girls in their chalet on the hills. Best. Weekend. Ever. Suck on that EMU!!” haha

    As for the more serious stuff, sometimes when I get down like every artist thinking maybe things won’t work out, I remember how freaking lucky I am just to be able to think in the first place. So much lifelessness out there in the infinite black, we are really, really lucky. And there doesn’t have to be a reason “why.” People always wonder “why”… Does it ever occur to them that sometimes things just happen? Or maybe god was just bored.


  2. LMFAO!!!!!!!! That’s hysterical!!!

    That’s an interesting POV! You just have to enjoy life I think. Have a blast 🙂


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