Scandinavian-style ginger thins.

Gingerbread Cookies

Yup, it’s the season…now the most important question, of course, is what to eat on Christmas Day? We are having a bunch of friends over, in fact I have no clue of how to squeeze them all in, but that’s just the beauty of it all! We love having friends over! There should always be a pot of tea brewing, that’s my idea of a happy home.

As I need to scratch my head about this anyway, I might as well share my ramblings…that then will be mulled over by my best friend and edited… I think I’m going with an orange theme.


Mulled Wine (with raisin and almonds, Swedish style)

Gingerbread Cookies / Gingerbread Cake / Almond Biscotti I can’t decide…they are all from Gran’s super secret recipe book…then edited by me…

Raw Marzipan? With cardamom? Dipped in raw chocolate? I always made all those marzipan figures as a kid at my Gran’s…


Salad…rocket, orange, pear, pomegrates, goat’s cheese (& pecans) – orange, cinnamon, honey, dressing…

Sweet Potatoes…oven roasted…maybe nicer to have a mixture? Carrots, sweet potatoes, parsnip, garlic and normal potatoes?

Turkey…I’m not sure what path to go down here…I like the idea of a Christmas spices, honey and oranges

Cranberry Jelly/Sauce


Raw Chocolate Ganache…with caramelized (maple) orange and maybe sprinkle some cinnamon on top of the ganache…

Then just more wine…

The next day? Brie and turkey salad, naturally…

I feel this menu somehow lacks an element of surprise, like it needs a special dish I’ve never gotten closed to experimenting with before…I’m just not sure what? I officially have to return to repainting the house, but having spent time thinking about food and downing two glasses of warm almond milk with honey and cardamom (did I mention it’s my favorite spice?), I feel a lot more fit for fight. Now I will spend the next few hours talking and laughing, whilst painting the night away…


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