I’d like a hug please, a long warm one…

You know those days? You know what I mean right? You think if you stick your nose out again you might break a leg or something, because everything else has gone wrong…well not everything…but quite a few things. And really it is all rather funny, but because you are stressed about just about everything and there are deadlines right left and center you are losing your patience, you get a stomach ache and you’d like to run away screaming, or actually, you’d just like to get some sleep. Or a cuddle. It’s one of those days today. And really, it is really funny – the kinda thing you’ll laugh at till you are a hundred and five, but right now you aren’t laughing. You just wanna hide in someone’s arms and fall asleep.

(I still don’t have the internet at my new place – I use my neighbor’s whenever it’s working, that’s why I haven’t replied to comments, or managed to blog every day. My apologies.)


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