A smile…a glimpse…a heartbeat…

I’m trying to find the words…you know how sometimes something hits you full on? Like all the nerves in your body reacts to it? It is something that resonates to your entire being…or maybe you just seek out the things within it that do. “It’s like a fuse burning towards dynamite…” – Steinbeck

Sometimes I forget who I am. Or I forget what makes me me. Or maybe it’s just that I forget to live out the important sides of me. The things that move me, turn me on fire, make me dance with the wind and run wild in the sunlight. The things that put a big grin on my face…

When one gets busy it’s easy to not take that time to do what you love the most. To put a lid on your spirit. Yet, what makes us come alive is our spirit playing…even if we are doing the dishes, to allow ourselves to be who we are. To think of the things we love, to create a path for ourselves, even when our hands are doing something else…and allow our hands to play instead of punish the task at hand. To have a plan though…or always carry your passion with you and make time for it. Time to evolve it. Time to grow it. Time to make it happen. Don’t plan your life around what you can’t do. Plan your life around what you can do.

Love your life. Create a life you love. Live your passion. So if only for a moment a day. And when you encounter the things that turn you on….that make you into a fuse burning towards dynamite…then stop, listen and take action. Make your life into a dream.

Life is like a dream and you, my dear, is a dreamer.

This is my favorite photo of all time that I took in Paris a few years back. Paris, if you haven’t guessed it is part of my passion for life…



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2 responses to “A smile…a glimpse…a heartbeat…

  1. Beautiful, beautiful! Happy Holidays, Dizzy! xo iz


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