Naughty romance…

So, I know deep down inside you have a desire…I don’t know what that desire is, but I know that you know what it is…the thing that tingle and tickles and teases you. As you think about it a smile crosses your lips. You dream for a while and then maybe you sigh and shake your shoulders…but that smile still lingers on somewhere in your heart and in your heart, next to the smile, lives the desire.

Desires are funny things. They take you on adventures you couldn’t have dreamed up in your wildest imagination…sometimes hard and strenuous, sometimes glorious beyond belief. If they are true though, true desires of the heart, not of the ego, or the rational mind…then, well then the journey is worth the ride because you feel so very different inside when you are living with purpose. With zest. With wonder. With desire…

A life without desire is like eating when you aren’t hungry.True lust, true hunger is a beautiful thing. It’s a longing which is fulfilled in every moment, refreshed in every moment. It’s a naughty romance with life…


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