How to satisfy a woman…

There’s a ton of books on the subject. Eternal conversations about it. It’s the question at least some men ask…and most women want to figure out so they can feel fulfilled in their love lives. I mean, at least I think most of us want satisfaction in all areas of life, right?! The thing is, you have to figure out what satisfies you. Today it hit me that the one thing that most want is simply attention. People want to be reassured that someone is interested in them and want to find out as much as possible about them and once they have found out act on it. I mean if you tell someone you are tired it would be nice if they decided to look after you a bit by spoiling you and making you a cup of tea, giving you a massage, or running a bath for you, right? And it has to be the thing that works for YOU, so first you have to figure out what that is for yourself. Some will like the tea, others the massage. When a person had figured out what you want, you know that someone cares about you in particular. They are not just caring for someone, they are caring about YOU. Of course, attention in general is nice, but what people truly want is attention from those they love, whether friends, family or lovers.


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  1. Such a simple true but how powerful.
    You are damn right! 🙂 It is funny and terrifying at the same time when you realize this. However, how rarely we get attention and the attitude we are looking for, expect to receive form those closest to our hearts.
    This is so simple and I wish more of us was willing the effort. 🙂


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