Sometimes in my personal life I’m drawn to people whom I hope will unlock in me what I do not dare unlock in myself. People I can follow, so that I do not have to lead. I want to be pushed so I don’t have to initiate the change myself, but rather am forced to follow it through, or at least can feel comfort in undertaking the journey with someone else. Yet, at the same time today I also, as a paradox I suppose, realized that I’m not so much seeking leaders anymore. I am seeking life to be my leader. It is hard to find one person whom you trust and whose ideas you agree with so much so that you would allow them to lead you. There are religions and spiritual practices and wise people all over the place and I can learn from all, but to follow just one…I’m not sure. If there is an all-knowing force outside of myself, so be it, but I am yet to find it. Somewhere I think we are all divine and that life itself perhaps is the divinity.



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2 responses to “Divinity…

  1. I completely agree. I feel as if I do the same things in my personal life. Like I am waiting for someone to make that change for me. But at the same time, I know that it is I who needs to make the change and I shouldn’t wait for someone to do that for me. I had this realization last week and have been pondering on it for the past few days.


  2. tbo

    feel the force flow through all things if a jedi you wish to be…


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