Feeling cheeky…

It’s a New Year and somehow I feel like it’s a clean slate to do whatever I wish. I am free to be whomever I choose. I always am, but it’s kind of like waking up a in a new country where no one knows you. There are no preconceptions. Whomever you show up as they will believe you to be. You are the only one who remembers the past and the past is just that: a memory.

I’d also like to view all the people in my life as I would a stranger. Let the past be the present and let the future be an unwritten page. Let the now be all there is.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m gonna be and do whatever I feel like being and doing this year. Changing the goggles I see the world and myself through. The new naughty is here…lol!


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