My secret desires…


Reveal your inner secrets and desires to me…I know you wanna… Come on, I’ll be your witch and cook up some potions and set your intentions with you… Seriously though, we all have a few secret desires, right?! Or is it just me???…

Thinking with feeling makes all the difference in the world. You know how they always say you should write a list of what you want? Well, it’s easy to draft a list, right? I’d like a million dollars, the perfect love (who is also the perfect lover, naturally), the most wonderful career, a great family and so on and so forth. It’s a very different thing to think it through emotionally though. Why do you need a million dollars? What would you do with them? How would that feel to do those things? Why would that be beneficial to yourself and others? What does perfect love mean to you? Not to mention the perfect lover?… What does it feel like having such intense desire you really can’t imagine being with someone other than the person in your bed (well, hopefully that’s where they are..or on the kitchen table…)? What does it feel like to have complete trust in someone? What would it feel like fully surrendering to someone else? How does it feel being totally secure in yourself knowing you’ll be OK without them, whilst still fully surrendering to them? What does it feel like loving every bit of another person? Loving every bit of yourself? What is a wonderful career? How does that feel? What is it like to have a great family? How do you feel about that?

I spent almost a lifetime making myself so strong I wouldn’t break from heartache. The other day I thought about what it would feel like to be around a man I did not prepare myself to lose, but rather a man who was supportive of me and loved all of me. I think I need to be prepared for that too.

I’m not a trained witch…but I do believe you are likely to pay attention when things you are searching for come your way. The search starts on the inside though. You need to know what you want to find to be able to know it when you come upon it.

My secret desires…well, you know, something to do with a man I adore doing something so crazily romantic it would be outrageous…


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