The SALE is on – buy me for a penny – limited time only…

For Sale (Right Said Fred album)

I’m on sale people, just so you know. For a limited period of time you can have me in your life. I’m a great deal too – I believe I’m just as hot as last year, but with additional perks included. The offer may expire at any time, so it’s getting hotter by the hour…

Yup, it’s the season – the sale season!!! You can now buy last year’s fashion for a fifth of what it cost…last year. So as last year is only three days away, the items are still hot and everyone’s running like mad hunters into the shops to get hold of their prey. That thing that will make them look and feel amazing, which is nice. People who look after themselves do feel better. A friend of mine on FB though pointed out that really all our friends and everything else we value in life is just a loan. We can’t keep people and and not even our own physical form forever. Her point was that you have to grow spiritually, because that’s what stays with you, long after everything else is gone. My point would be that in this season of sales, maybe also invest some quality time in the people in your life. They are on a limited offer too and you really don’t know when it will expire. And if you’ve had enough of it all, walk down the street to help out with some kids that aren’t getting the love they need, or hitch hike to India and volunteer for an organization. There is value in life and in YOUR life, even if sometimes it feels cheap. Even every smile you give lights up this world. And there’s a time for everything – even just sitting on your ass!!!

Richard Bach said that the best way to pay for a moment is to enjoy it, well the best way to pay for people, is to enjoy them…I told you I was on sale ;o)



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2 responses to “The SALE is on – buy me for a penny – limited time only…

  1. I enjoyed this, as usual. iz


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