I know you really want to…do just that…

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Have sex every day. That’s it. I know you want that. But what I intended to say you want is to “Do something uncomfortable every day.” That’s what Tim Ferriss says. Live on the border. Push beyond your limits. It sounds about right, it feels about…difficult. I wanna scream “But I did cold baths for five years and I have worked so many times past midnight and I have embarrassed myself enough, don’t you remember when I danced with my skirt stuck in my knickers? Isn’t it time I got a break?!!” Yet, every time I conquered a fear (random acts of stupidity like by mistake tucking your skirt into your knickers before a massive dance performance don’t count…), like telling someone I love them, I felt freer. The fear went away, because I faced it. I freed myself by doing what I wanted to do. I could then go through life not feeling restricted anymore. It’s the thing that you push into the furthest corner in bottom drawer of the most secret chamber of your heart that there’s a problem with, because…it’s stuck.

Sometimes we focus on our physical fears in this world. Few of us decide on a whim though that rather than going bungee jumping we are going to conquer all our emotional fears by telling the truth about our feelings to ourselves and others. Nor do we conquer our fear of being unloved/loved, but rather we just strive to be “better people” so that one day we will be certain to be loved AND no longer feel like we don’t deserve the love we are getting. There is also something called vulnerability that has given people a scare or two…a little bit of heart palpitations…can you feel them???

So I found this video and what I wanted to tell you all is that…uhm…you matter. You matter to every single person in your life, just like every person in my life matters to me. I have emotions (scaaaary). I love the people in my life and I love connecting with new people. Sooo…I have set myself a challenge of doing something emotionally uncomfortable every day for the next 30 days. Wanna join? I’d love to have your support on this very frightening journey…which is actually very liberating…I blogged about it last year and this is the journey I’m once again committed to. To love. Love, love, love…


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