I want to have sex with Tim Ferriss…

Timothy Ferriss (The 4-hour Workweek) @ etech

Tim Ferriss...

You know who I am talking about right? The man behind The 4-Hour Work Week and The 4-Hour Body. The guy’s a genius (or else the man…or woman…hiding in the bushes writing his books is) – he invented a system for working 4 hrs a week and living like a king. He also became a world champion in wrestling and speaks God knows how many languages. Maybe that’s not all that hard (right…), but he has a knack for saying things I agree with and that classifies him as a genius. Naturally.

I came across The 4-Hour Body today and it’s basically all about how to get the best body, which apparently includes sex. I didn’t have a chance to read the whole book yet, but will do as soon as possible. I did read part of the sex chapter though (what else?). Apparently female orgasms start with…well, the female. The male stimulation is only part of the equation and there are certain tricks of the trade that Mr Ferriss shares (boys, it’s time to run to the store and pick up a copy…just saying). It all starts with self-exploration. You have to know you and you have to own your own orgasm, just as you have to own everything else in your life. It all starts with you. Your life is about you.

Too many times a day I switch to auto pilot – I do and say things that aren’t necessarily serving me, but that I’m used to doing and saying. Inside my head, round and round goes the same old small talk that REALLY isn’t helping me. The worst part is that for most of it I’m not even aware of it. I’m so used to myself I don’t even notice myself. And in some ways I have “settled.” I may not be doing my best with something, or expanding my field of vision, but rather be alright with what I already have. The sex is good, so I’m sort of satisfied, right?! But what if it could be GREAT??!! What are the questions I’m not asking myself? Even if I am asking myself a lot of questions, what are the areas I’m not asking questions about? What are the imaginary limits of my mind?

I like Tim Ferriss because he questions things and he seeks to get the best results out of what he does. He does not settle for less. He isn’t run by an auto pilot (or, if so, it’s on a good setting!) and nor should you be. Start paying attention to yourself. Start getting to know who you are and what you want. Start expanding your horizon. Start finding out what the best solutions are. What have the people that are happiest in the area of life you want to get results in managed to achieve and how did they do it? Check out life from a different perspective. Try being silent for a day, or going to a new place to get a different point of view.

When Mr Ferriss wrote the chapter on sex he did extensive research. He even found a woman to volunteer to try out the new techniques he had studied on how to make women come. How cool is that? “Hey darling, I just figured out the ultimate technique for giving a woman pleasure, mind if I try it on you?” What a man.



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7 responses to “I want to have sex with Tim Ferriss…

  1. cinnabarfields

    Ironically, the “15 minute” orgasm information has been around since at least 1976. After reading the book I did some googling – Tim says the information was discovered by the Lafayette Morehouse people – they are easy to find – and then on January 3 I attended a demonstration of a one hour orgasm. <brSeems clear Tim is just getting started in this area – the way he describes it makes it seem like its a procedure you “do to a woman.” Hard to know what he was taught vs. what he retained. If these chapters are an example of Tim’s 80/20 rule – what he thinks is the 20% that produces 80% of the result – then I’d say what is in the book is closer to 5%, not 20% – there is a lot more available for both parties than what he describes. What I’ve seen from the demo that I attended is that “doing” is a ride you both take together, she the wave, you the surfer, two bodies, one orgasm.


  2. I ran out and bought his book too, only being a slightly loopy Fruitloopmum I thought that “the 15 minute female orgasm” was to show guys how to make an orgasm LAST for 15mins!! Now…..that would be something 🙂


    • cinnabarfields

      That’s what I saw in the demo – an orgasm that lasted for an hour. Required practice and training for both the guy & the gal – I bet the practice sessions were fun. What is in the book is part of what they discussed, but the more I investigate this the more I think Tim didn’t really get the big picture – that both people share the experience – it can be just as much pleasure for the giver as the receiver – I think he was just looking for another thing to check off on his “to do” list – “gave her an orgasm – check”


      • Hey, thanks for commenting and sharing your thoughts on the subject 🙂 What I like is that there is someone out there who is actually interested in looking for techniques like this. I mean seriously, how many people study sex and love? And how many just do it and hope for the best? I don’t know enough about the subject yet and I have not gotten to read his chapter properly – I just browsed it in the shop, then started on page one, so haven’t reached the sex chapter yet.

        As for Tim’s personal thoughts on the subject…well who knows? I’m just glad he shares his knowledge in a lot of things!!!

        Thanks for the comment 🙂


        • Jon

          I thought the chapters on sex didn’t really fit in with the book. It just didn’t seem like it fit in with everything else. He could have saved this info and written the 4 hour orgasm for his next book.

          I also didn’t think his techniques were that groundbreaking. He mentions male multiple orgasms but doesn’t explain how to do them. It’s not the difficult to explain either. Have strong pubococcygeus muscle (pc) by working them out with kegel exercises then hold in your orgasm just like you would hold in your pee in mid stream.


    • Hello Fruitloop mom 🙂

      Isn’t that exactly what it is? That’s the impression I got whilst browsing through it…I have only read till page 150 or something so far, so have a bit to go till I reach the sex chapter… I’m sure it’s quite possible!!! There are a lot of things like that, aren’t there? Things that are possible if one only knows the tricks of the trade…some education is more interesting than others 😉

      Thanks for commenting 🙂


  3. I love your articles! You know how to set the stage and follow up.


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