This is an occasion for genuinely tiny knickers…

Bridget said that, Bridget Jones. I didn’t just say it too… So, anyway, it’s time for tiny knickers (that translates to panties if you are American). Or maybe it’s time for huge knickers, or no knickers at all. Whatever you most frequently wear, it’s time for a change. If you are a man I recommend staying off the knickers entirely. Reinvent the boxer shorts instead, or, preferably, don’t wear any at all. I’m digressing.

So, my point is (because there always is a point, the question is how many sexy references I manage to squeeze in before making it) that it’s time to change knickers. That is to say: if you are always doing one thing, try something new. I challenge you, to in every area of your life that is NOT working out for you and even some that are, to do something totally different, maybe even radical.

At the time being I’m homesick for London, not because I actually wanna be in London; I get claustrophobia within a month and depressed within two. No, it’s because I know London. I don’t have to fight for a visa, or fight to understand the system there. I may hate living there permanently, but I know how to get around. LA is still unchartered, if much more exciting, territory. Ever so often I might also want to hug my friends in London, which is somewhat difficult, unless I send one of those “for order” people to my friends and have them hug them. That would, however, be a shitty substitute.

In my everyday life I limit myself all the time, simply because I don’t think outside the box. I think I was on about this in an earlier post, but really, it’s important. At least to me. Because I want to experience the world, not drift through it only seeing certain things, constantly limiting my

perspective and my abilities. I want to get out of my own comfort zone so that I become liberated and achieve what I truly long to achieve. I want to be freed of preconceptions about myself, everyone else and the world at large. I want to be able to use models of thinking that serve me and knowledge that I’ve gained, but still keep the eyes of a newborn.

It’s all about the pink polka-dot underwear…or what was that again????


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